2010-11-17, District Governor Tim Parker

President Richelle Ponder began the meeting for Barbara Rose Farber’s invocation.  After President Richelle led the Pledge of Allegiance, Janet Green led the singing of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” in honor of our speaker, District Governor Tim Parker.  We then had the opportunity to visit with everyone there, especially mystery greeter Don Dresp. 

Visiting Rotarian Mark Glenn and several guests and student guests were introduced.  President Richelle announced that the new member committee would meet briefly after the club meeting.  Steve Loman announced the annual pecan sale of the Las Cruces Aquatic Team, and a case of pecans was sold.  There was an auction of basketball tickets to the next several Aggie home games, benefiting the club project. 

The Program

Tim ParkerNovember Program Chair Andy Taylor briefly introduced speaker District Governor Tim Parker, reminding us that the job of the introducer is to be brief, be brilliant and be gone.  Parker is an engineer by education from Roswell High and Texas Tech.  He noted that it is an interesting time to be a Rotarian.  He reviewed a number of topics, centered on the need to “cater” Rotary to serve its multigenerational membership.  What comes next after PolioPlus?  How will we implement Future Vision, the Rotary Foundation initiative giving districts more control for more accountability?  How well do we “sell” ourselves?  That is, how does the community find out about what we do and why we are worthy of support?  How relevant are we in our communities? 

Among the items discussed were the membership trend in district 5520 (down for the past several years).  The “targets” (using a bulls-eye poster) of his term are centered on membership, public relations and marketing.  He talked about the clubs who are growing, with 93 new Rotarians in the district this year.  Growing clubs are not in the largest cities or in the most robust economies, but they are where the effort is being made to grow.  He noted that membership is a public relations issue:  our humility has diminished the awareness of our public impact. 

Rotary District 5520 logoDistrict Governor Parker talked about our district’s great activity with the Rotary Foundation.  Our donations of $125,000 three years ago are sponsoring, with matching funding from clubs and RF, $500,000 of projects, $27,000 in simplified grants and three (rather than the usual one) ambassadorial scholars. 

In closing, Parker noted that, as Henry Steele Commager said, “Progress requires change.”  As the public is aware of the good Rotary does in the world, more people want to be part of it.  As an example, India, where the impact of PolioPlus is seen daily, first-hand, Rotary membership is growing rapidly.  We need to inform our communities about the 33,000 Rotary clubs advancing peace and understanding in the workd. 

After the Program

James Gerwels won the 50/50 drawing.   Paulina reported that $657 was raised for the Gospel Rescue Mission.  (Wow!  Thanks, everyone.)  After Jim Bullock reminded everyone to wear pink for the Paul Harris Fellow presentations, including the co-chairs of the Tough Enough to Wear Pink campaign, President Richelle led the Four Way Test and adjourned the meeting. 

District Governor Parker blogged about his visit to our club

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Guests of Rotarians

Guest    Host
Barbara Andrew Mary Ellen McKay
Sergio Carrasco Ana Mangino
Arlene Bullitt Ana Mangino

Visiting Rotarians

Rotarian Home Club
Mark Glenn, DG Nominee Mesilla Valley

Student Guests

Student School
Devin Blackwell Las Cruces
Danae Hornung Mayfield
Joseph Medina Oñate
Sarah Schatzman Mesilla Valley Christian


Rotarian Date Club
Kim Hakes 10/26, 11/3 & 11/17 Rio Grande

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