2010-12-22, Chris Ramsey, Los Colcheras Quilt Guild

Club president Richelle Ponder rang the bell to open the meeting. John Pickett gave the invocation. Richelle then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ross Ramsey led the club in singing his favorite holiday song, “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.” Then we greeted one another and learned later that Connie Ames (a visitor) was the mystery greeter.

We had 17 guests of Rotarians, seven from the Ramsey clan. There were no visiting Rotarians. The one high school student of the month was Isaac Hartman, from OHS. Happy bucks were gathered from Tom Barr, Paulina Salopek, Howard Ness, John Pickett, Dinus Briggs, and Curt Coleman. Barbara Andrew inductionJust before Jim Bullock told an Al Socolofsky joke (ho, ho, ho) we inducted a new member. Barbara Andrew (a Paul Harris Fellow) was introduced by her sponsor Mary Ellen McKay. Barbara has prior faithful Rotary service and clearly values the ideals of Rotary. Thus, she is a welcomed addition to our club.

Quilt Guild LogoThe Program

After a brief introduction from her husband Ross, Chris, the past president of the Los Colcheras Quilt Club, took the podium and taught us a lot about quilting. Armed with a table full of quilts, we were shown the results of the efforts of local quilters. The quilts were of all sizes and color combinations.Chris Ramsey

A typical quilt is a 3-layer (carefully stitched) cover which is most often used for bedding or wall hangings. Her assistants (family members) showed us many quilts as Chris talked. Quilts can be made from all kinds of fabrics, new or old. Some are made to be quite puffy. Others are slimmer. The pieces that are sewn together in the central part of the quilt are surrounded by cloth borders. Not all quilts are hand-sewn. Some are machine made. One can even sew a quilt that is patterned from a photo or some other computerbased design.Getting ready

The local quilt club is called Los Colcheras (the covers). The members not only learn new ideas for making and displaying new quilts; they receive and display old quilts in shows. Quilts that are displayed in public shows are known for their beauty. Two shows will be in Las Cruces. At the Branigan Cultural Center will be the “By George” show. At the new Las Cruces Convention Center will be the “Century of Enchantment” show. This show will have more than 200 judged quilts.

Showing a quiltThe club also serves the community. “We donate 500-1,000 charity quilts per year” said Chris. The club members have even made small dresses for African girls. One of the key goals of the club is to encourage quilting and quilt making. If you wish to learn more, contact Anita Himes at 575-522-1034, or at lcnmquilter@aol.com.Showing more quilts


After the Program

Paulina Salopek reported that in our December meetings we collected $282 for the Gospel Rescue Mission. We ended the meeting by reciting the 4-way test. 


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Guests of Rotarians

Guest    Host
Barbara Andrew Mary Ellen McKay
Connie Ames Lyn Ames
Jack Loman Steve Loman
Janet McPherson Robert McPherson
Weslie Rouse Robert McPherson
Beth Kriegel Arlyn Kriegel
Betty Kriegel Arlyn Kriegel
Amy Holt Matt Holt
Jen Munson Bill Harty
Beth Harty Bill Harty
Julie Griffin Ross Ramsey
Audrey Garcia Ross Ramsey
Amanda Garcia Ross Ramsey
Paige Ramsey Ross Ramsey
Madison P. Ross Ramsey
Chelsea P. Ross Ramsey
Jared Garcia Ross Ramsey

Visiting Rotarians

Rotarian Home Club

Student Guests

Student School
Isaac Hartman OHS


Rotarian Date Club
Dave Hansen 12/16 Mesilla Valley
Jim Maxon 12/1 Rio Grande
Jim Maxon 12/18 Mesilla Valley
Jim Maxon 12/15 At Sea

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