2011-01-26, Alexandra Glowacki, Antique and Art Appraisals

President Richelle called the meeting to order and asked Jim Maxon to give the invocation. He also told us of the passing of Lya’s mother. Lya and Jay you have our sympathy and prayers.

Songstress Janet Green said “we have such beautiful weather compared to the rest of the country” then selected “You are my sunshine” as our song.

After meeting and greeting, our mystery greeter, Don Dresp was identified. A dollar was collected from those who did not shake his hand.

Guests were introduced and our student guests were called up to give their two minute talk. All were very ambitious and have great plans for their future. You are our leaders of tomorrow, good luck in all your pursuits.


Barbara Rose is still seeking volunteers for the Taste of Las Cruces project. Many hands make light work. She will be reminding us at every meeting, so volunteer now.

The Program

Program chair Barbara Nelson introduced Alexandra Glowacki to enlighten us on antique and art appraisals.

Alexandra majored in international relations and has traveled all over the world studying rare items and customs of different countries. She said that most of her free time is spent in visiting museums, libraries, and flea markets.

To do appraisals requires research on the item to be evaluated. It must be very specific. For modern appraisals we now use scientific methodology.

Many appraisals are for insurance purposes or for donation/deduction for submission to the IRS. The appraisal is for full retail value or replacement value.

Age is not the only criteria used. We consider the intrinsic value, value of use, historical value and timing. For example, remember the Beany Baby Fad. High prices lasted only nine months, current Beany Babies are no longer of interest.

Other factors considered in determining whether a piece is an antique are: is it a fine example of the craftsman’s skill, because it is rare or because it serves as a reminder of vanished customs and civilizations. Most people think of antiques as household items such as furniture, glass, china, guns, automobiles, etc.

She showed us some items for comparison. Spoons, pots, engraved gifts, paintings, and explained the differences in each.

We learned a lot ( At least I did.)

After the Program

The 50/50 was won by Lya again. No can report. We adjourned after reciting the Four Way Test.

P.S. I may be too late for Christmas but let me be the first one to wish you a Happy Ground Hog Day. 

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