2011-03-16, Four Way Test Essay Contest Winners

At 12:06PM, our chief bell ringer, President Richelle Ponder, hit the bell with the newly repaired gavel giving out a nice "dong."  She noted the early start was due to a busy agenda, plus Peggy had run out of dessert.  Ivan Stubbs gave the invocation and President Richelle led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Jim Maxon was again song leader and being full of Irish spirit, led us in two songs, "My Wild Irish Rose" and "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."  The songs fit right in with our lunch of corned beef and cabbage. 

Following a lengthy and rowdy meet and greet, it was announced Ted Shelton was the mystery guest.  Guests and visiting Rotarians were then introduced along with a new Student Rotarian, Rodrigo Borunda from Mesilla Valley Christian High School.  Next, a new member, Damian Martinez, was inducted into the club.  Damian was sponsored by his law partner, Matt Hold, and his classification will be Attorney, Business.  Welcome, Damian!  Several happy dollars and announcements rounded out this part of the meeting. 

The Program

Four Way Test logoFour Way Test Committee Chair Jim Parks then came to the podium to announce the contest winners and the reading of their prize-winning essays.  Jim began by recounting how the contest works as well as introducing those who layed an active part in contest preparations.  He reported that before Christmas, club member Robert McPherson traveled to the various middle schools to determine which teachers should receive the contest materials.  The committee then selected an essay writing date that did not conflict with middle school or community activities.  Unfortunately this year the date occurred immediately after the "deep freeze" and the closing of the schools.  This resulted in a lower number of contestants than usual.  Still, 45 students were able to enter the contest.  On the designated evening, the students gathered to write their essays without the assistance of notes, assistants, or any electronic gizmos.  Jim then recognized the judges who read all the essays including Marta Scott, Barbara Rose Farber, and Sue Groth.  He noted that Marta Scott also prepared the certificates for the winners as well as additional certificates for all 45 participants.  Thanks so much, Marta!  Jim noted that all three clubs participate in this event and each club selects three winners.  He also acknowledged two Middle School Teachers who attended the meeting in support of their students, Chriss Martinez from Zia Middle School and Susan Colquitt from Lynn Middle School. 

Jim then introduced the contest winners, each of whom read their essay.  The Third Place winner was Maggie Taylor from Zia Middle School who wrote how the Four Way Test could apply to various situations with her friends.  The Second Place Winner was Esperanza Chairez, also from Zia Middle School, whose essay dealt with the Four Way Test and friendship.  The First Place Winner was Tiffany Liau from Lynn Middle School whose essay recounted how the 4 Way Test could have helped her avoid a fight with her friends.  All three were excellent essays and for their efforts, Maggie received a prize of $125, Esperanza a check for $150, and Tiffany a check for $250.  Prizes well deserved!

After the Program

Jay Jordan won the drawing and kindly returned his winnings to the club project.  Paulina reported that the can collected $78.  President Richelle announced that the club project was to be a beautification project yet to be determined and then ended the meeting wit a recitation of the Four Way Test. 

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Guests of Rotarians

Guest  Host
Damian Martinez Matt Holt
Janet McPherson Robert McPherson
Susan Colquitt Club
Chriss Martinez Club
Marta Scott Club
Esperanza Chairez Club
Elena Chairez Club
Maggie Taylor Club
Lisa Taylor Club
John Taylor Club
A. Taylor Club
Herb Taylor Club
Tiffany Liau Club
Shen Liau Club
Lijing Sun Club
Cat Ferraro Club

Visiting Rotarians

Rotarian Home Club

Student Guests

Student School
Chris Ericson Las Cruces
Leland Sharp Mayfield
Rodrigo Borunda Mesilla Valley Christian


Rotarian Date Club
John Schwebke 3/9 Rio Grande
Elaine Szalay 3/9 Rio Grande

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