2011-05-11, Audrey Buck, NMSU Equestrian

President elect, Ross Ramsey called the meeting to order (President Richelle is in Florida lounging on the beach). Ross lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Bruce Darrington gave the invocation and John Pickett lead us in singing “ My ode to spring” (an arrangement by one with grit in his teeth).  The answer is blowing in the wind and we call the wind obnoxious.

After a few minutes of meeting and greeting our mystery greeter, Les Smith was introduced. Those who missed him coughed up a dollar.

After introduction of guests and a few happy dollars, your Spokes And Cogs editor, who shall remain unnamed for security reasons appologized for no Spokes And Cogs this week. Because of the lack of a hyphen, the e-mail went to Pennsylvania instead of Las Cruces.


Barbara Rose reminded us of the Taste of Las Cruces coming up. She said we have 26 restaurants participating and 100 tickets at $35.00 each. Sell, sell, sell, the proceeds will benefit Casa De Peregrinos and Jardin De Los Ninos.

Eddie Groth asked that each of us update our page in the directory or he will delete us for lack of interest. (He wouldn’t do that,would he?)

NMSU Athletics logoThe Program

Program Chair, Bill Harty introduced our speaker, Audrey Buck, NMSU Equestrian Coach. He told us that in order to remain in the NCAA, we need to participate in 16 sports and this is one of them. He said our new equestrian coach has 23 years experience (I thought she was 23 years old).

The Equestrian Order was a class of society in ancient Rome made up chiefly of rich businessmen. Originally, the members of the Equestrian order served in the calvary and were called “equites” a latin word meaning horsemen. (Cowboy, to many of us) Later their military significance declined but their social importance and political power grew. In 122 BC, Gailus Gracelus recognized equestrians as a political group. During the Roman Empire, equestrians enjoyed public careers comparable to senators. Now equestrian is a sport enjoyed by everyone.

Audrey said we have 23 teams but are constricted by space on campus.We have two types of teams, workers and jumpers. In order to compete we need to recruit high level riders.We have many riders from all over the country and at least two (vaqueros) from Mexico.

We compete with other schools in at least four events. We need five riders for each event. Each rider picks a horse and has to ride for four minutes. Judges score each ride add up all the points to determine the winners.

Come and see us in our equestrian competition on campus. We need more facilities for horses and are currently building up the sport with more teams. We have 28 horses and are in need of more money to buy horses at about $50,000 per horse.

Someone once said “a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.” We don’t have a Kingdom but we can sure use the money.

After the Program

The 50/50 was won by Bill Harty on the second try. The can collected $76 for the club project. 

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