2011-05-18, Congressman Steve Pearce

President Elect Ross Ramsey called the meeting to order and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Bruce Darrington gave the invocation. John Pickett, our comical song writer with grit in his teeth penned something about beating the drum and tooting your horn. He sang it beautifully while many of us lip synced. Good job John, we learn a new song every week.

After meeting and greeting each other and the introduction of guests, the mystery greeter, Eddie Groth was introduced. Those of you who missed him pony up. (Some of us shook his hand twice but we could not collect a dollar.)


Happy hour (actually it's 90 minutes) will be held at the Game Sports Bar and Grill this Thursday starting at 5:30. (Hooters was not available.)

Spokes and Cogs committee needs help, we have lots of hyphens left.

Earl Phillips reminded us scholarships to be presented next month to the winner from each high school. Each winner will recieve $ 500.00. He also thanked the student of the month committee for their hard work in evaluating each student and making their selections.

The Taste of Las Cruces fund raiser will be held at the Las Cruces Convention Center on Thursday June 9, 2011 from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. Barbara Rose still has tickets.

Steve PearceThe Program

President elect Ross turned the podium over to Russell Allen to introduce our speaker.

Russell introduced the man from Hobbs, Congressman Steve Pearce. He had just got back from San Diego where he visited an aircraft carrier and its crew of 5000 sailors. These young men and women are doing a great job, we should all be proud of them. He did make a bad investment on the way back to New Mexico-He paid the airline $50.00 to lose his luggage. (Maybe they tagged it “Mexico” instead of “New Mexico)

He showed us a chart showing our spending-3.5 Trillion, our revenue-2.2 Trillion, and our debt- 15.3 trillion.” I didn’t make these up they are from the Office of management and budget OMB.

As individuals when we need a loan, we go to the bank. If we qualify, we get it. Our (the USA) first banker is China. If our rating goes down, no more money and we may lose assets. Our second banker is Japan, but they no longer make loans to us. Who is our third banker? The Federal Reserve and all they do is print more money and loan it to us (the USA). We cannot keep this up much longer or we will go the way of Greece.

We have to operate more efficiently, like individuals and business. For example, in Medicare alone there is 30 billion in fraud and 10 billion in waste every year. If we can reduce this, we can never eliminate it; that would be a big step in our debt reduction. All other aspects of government should be looked at also. It can be done, but will we?

Lizard vs. oil-Look at what happened to the San Jacquin Valley in California in order to protect the silver minnow-no more farms, no more jobs, no more fruits and vegetables.We now import them from Latin America and other countries. Then there is the spotted owl-He cost us jobs and revenue from the lumber industry.

What is next? Obamacare in its present form will be very expensive. We need to eliminate or revise it so that it will pay for itself. We have been raiding the social security fund and replacing it with IOUs. IOUs are not cashable nor do they earn interest.

We need to do something positive to get us out of this situation or we may soon become a third world country. Do we want that? NO!

After the Program

Somebody won the 50/50. There was no can report.

HELP WANTED No experience necessary, will train, Volunteer with the Spokes And Cogs Committee. Pay negotiable.

P.S. Thank you to those who print on the sign in sheet. 

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