2011-06-15, Marcel Nicolitz, After School Programs

Club president, Richelle Ponder rang the bell to open the meeting. Jim Parks gave the invocation.  Richelle then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Paul Comeau led the club in singing “America the Beautiful” and “Home, Home on the Range.” Next, we greeted one another and learned later that Elaine Szalay was the mystery greeter.  

We had one visiting Rotarian, and two guests of Rotarians.

There was a 2nd reading for two proposed Rotarians—Jim Berry and Rick Merrolla.  Barbara Rose and Henry Broekhoff gave a report on the recent fundraiser “Taste of Las Cruces.” It was a big success.  Approximately 500 people attended the event, and the silent auction generated $1,315. 

Happy bucks were collected from Steve Loman, Richelle Ponder, David O’Brien, Rita Sandoval, Denton Holmes, Eddie Groth, Barbara Rose Farber, Gary Aschbacher, Jim Parks, and John Schwebke.  Bill Mattiace also contributed $39 to the can in recognition of Wanda’s birthday.

Incoming President, Ross Ramsey, talked about setting up the committees for next year.  He encouraged us to move to new committees.  He also plugged the Spokes & Cogs committee and the 4-way Essay Test committee.

CLC logoThe Program– Marcel Nicolitz, speaking on After-School Programs

Marcel is the coordinator for the Summer Recreation program and the After-School program for Las Cruces.  Marcel’s claim to fame with the L.C. Rotary Club is that he is Wanda’s brother.  You remember her, our 39 year old birthday gal. 

After-School programs run from 2:30-5:30pm throughout the school year. Participants pay $3 a day.  The need for such a program became obvious when we realized that a lot of free time without adult supervision can lead to bad choices for school children.  The After-School Program provides a safe and caring environment where kids can talk with an adult.  The program utilizes community businesses to help kids learn practical ideas such as the value of the dollar.  Currently, 6 LC schools have an After-School Program.  Education, recreation, and nutrition are the three parts of each day.  Kids learn about interesting topics, get some healthy exercise, and also enjoy healthy snacks (no junk food included).

The program helps keep kids out of trouble.  It is subsidized with public money, but needs more help for children whose families cannot afford the daily charges.  If service club members could sponsor children who cannot pay, the program could bring in more children. 

After the Program

Bill Harty won the drawing.  The can collected $115. The meeting closed after we recited the 4-way test. 

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Guests of Rotarians

Guest  Host
Jim Berry Barbara Nelson
Bill Mattiace Wanda Mattiace

Visiting Rotarians

Rotarian Home Club
Nigel Holman Mesilla Valley


Rotarian Date Club
Denton Holmes 6/8 Rio Grande
Kim Hakes 6/8 Rio Grande

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