2011-06-22, Diane Taylor, Peace Village

President Richelle Ponder found the bell and the dinger and call the meeting to attention (order).  Bill Wheeler gave the invocation.  Prez Richelle lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Janet Green lead us in song (new song books, old songs). 

After meeting and greeting each other we learned that the mystery greeter was Keith Houser.  A few members who missed him sweetened the can. 

New Member induction:  Rick Merolla sponsored by Paul Comeau and Jim Berry sponsored by Barbara Nelson are our newest members.  Welcome aboard.  (Paul and Barbara get steaks, most of us get beans.) 

There were a few happy dollars from Razorbacks to welcome back and others.  Our club project needs more happy Rotarians. 


We have a postage stamp from Malta if any of you stamp collectors are interested. 

The city apologized for not obtaining the state permit for our Day of Service project.  They now have the permit and we will reschedule the project to some time in September. 

Charles Townley is retiring from the NMSU Library science department on June 23. 

Remember the Steaks vs. Beans get-to-gether at Richelle’s.  (No new member, no steak)

Peace Village logoThe Program

Program chair Barbara Andrew introduced our speaker, Diane Taylor, to tell us about Peace Village. 

The Peace Village Camp was started seven years ago after three Las Cruces friends worked at the Peace Village Camp in Ruidoso.  Their reaction to its success was “Why can’t we do it here?”  And they did. 

This ecumenical, community wide, diverse camp is a different camp for kids of Las Cruces.  Our mission is to teach the messages and practices of non-violence and peace making from various world traditions in a fund and cooperative atmosphere. 

The first camp is for 8th-10th graders, the second is for 4th-7th graders, and the third is for 1st-3rd graders.  Our daily themes for the Peace Camp are: 

  • Monday:  Peace begins with me
  • Tuesday:  Honoring diversity nurtures peace
  • Wednesday:  Greed undermines peace
  • Thursday:  Gratitude promotes peace
  • Friday:  Listen, forgive and make peace

Our core curriculum was developed with academically rich classes focusing on themes of social justice and non-violent communications. 

We have two paid staff, all others are volunteers.  How can you help?

Volunteer:  working with kids to write thank you cards.

Donate:  It costs $100 to support a child at camp and registration is $60.  One third of the campers need scholarships to attend.

Advocate:  Talk to friends and neighbors.  The more informed the community is about Peace Village, the better job we can do. 

Teach.  We would love for you to join our teaching team.

Share your talent:  Your expertise in your profession or hobby will help our campers. 

Nothing is too small or insignificant.  We can never learn too much. 

We need to teach kids to be fair to all, use proper language, maintain healthy relationships, participate in non-violent activities, and learn to forgive. 

Many of our kids are from La Casa.  This is where most of our scholarships are given. 

If you can help, please do. 

After the Program

“ethAnol”, right Curt?

The 50/50 was won by Jim Bullock who immediately donated it to the can.  Thanks Jim. 

The can collected $22 plus Jim’s donation. 

HELP.  If you can write you can help.


A man’s true wealth is the good he does in the world.  –Mohammed

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