2011-06-29, Club Assembly

Club president, Richelle Ponder rang the bell to open the meeting. Charley Yaryan gave the invocation.  Richelle then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Janet Green led the club in singing “America the Beautiful.” Next, we greeted one another and learned later that Jim Berry was the mystery greeter.  We had no visiting Rotarians, but had three guests of Rotarians, along with family guests for the student scholarship recipients.

New Members SingingJames Gerwels gave his classification talk.  He assured us that he wasn’t going to sell us anything.  He also mentioned the relationship of his cats and fish at home which often calls for mediation efforts on his part.

Jim GerwelsHappy bucks were collected from Dave Lemen, Richelle Ponder, and John Pickett.  Bill Harty proudly announced the club’s new website and encouraged members to look it over and send him feedback.

The Program – High School Student Scholarships & Induction of New Officers

Every month we have, as our guests, high school students from Las Cruces high schools. At the end of each Rotary year, the club awards $500 scholarships to those who are recognized as outstanding guests of the club.  Four of the scholarship winners for 2010-11 were in attendance and received their awards.  They were Kori Gonzales, Devin Blackwell, Riley Rice, and Shane Stebler.  Congratulations to these fine students as they continue their educations.

A plague for Richelle (sic)Our new officers for 2011-12 are President Ross Ramsey, President Elect Eddie Groth, Secretary Ana Mangino, Treasurer Paulina Salopek, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Bill Harty, and Immediate Past President Richelle Ponder.  The members of the club look forward to a great year with our new board.

Let us prayAfter this introduction of the new board, and the passing of the gavel, along with gifts recognizing the past president for a job well done, Ross Ramsey, our new president, gave a short speech reminding us of “service above self” and the pursuit of peace in the world.  We need to remember that these are not only the goals of Rotary, they are also the club’s goals.


Katelin Ponder won the drawing.  The can collected $39.  The meeting closed after we recited the 4-way test.

Flowers for RIchelle

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Guests of Rotarians

Guest  Host
Chris Ramsey Ross Ramsey
Mary Phillips Earl Phillips
Katelin Ponder Richelle Ponder

Visiting Rotarians

Rotarian Home Club


Rotarian Date Club
Jim Maxon 6/27 Rio Grande
Jim Maxon 6/28 T or C
Jim Bullock 6/29 Rio Grande
Dave Lemen 6/22 Omaha, NE

July Birthdays of Rotarians

Tara Alexander July 1
James Scott July 1
Gerald Thomas July 3
Bobby Rankin July 5
Bruce Darrington July 10
Lya Jordan July 12
Charlie Yaryan July 14
Les Smith July 15
Steve Loman July 18
Bobbie Derlin July 19
Frank Szalay July 22

July Wedding Anniversaries

Jake & Jodi Redfearn July 4  
Gary & Gay Lenzo July 9 34 years
Mark & Dawn Santiago July 12 28 years
Bill Harty & Jennifer Munson July 16 23 years
Russell & Diana Allen July 29 22 years

July Club Anniversaries

Lya Jordan July 1 3 years
Robert McPherson July 3 43 years
Kent Evans July 7 7 years
Ron Salak July 8 19 years
Barbara Nelson July 17 9 years
Rich Gregory July 17 20 years

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