2011-07-13, Jim Maxon and Kathy Eaton, Rotarians and The Rotary Foundation at Work in Guatemala

Club president, Ross Ramsey rang the bell to open the meeting. He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Jim Maxon gave the invocation.  Bob McPherson led the club in singing “The Battle Hymn of the Republicans.” Next, we greeted one another and learned later that Janet Green was the mystery greeter.  We had one visiting Rotarian, and two guests of Rotarians. 

Hawking 50-50 ticketsJim Scott brought in a picture of three of our own who were caught together on the love couch at Richelle’s.  Since the proof of the misdeed was caught on camera, the two men involved paid fines.  The third person will be fined today, if she attends the meeting. Via happy bucks, the can received funds from Denton Holmes, Bill Harty and Barbara Rose Farber. (right: Wanna buy a ticket...)

The Program – Jim Maxon & Kathy Eaton, Guatemala Project

RF logoProgram planner for the month, Alex Keatts introduced Jim and Kathy.  Since he had little to say about Jim Maxon, (whom we know well) Alex didn’t say anything about Kathy either.

Jim Maxon & Kathy EatonLast year both Kathy and Jim participated in the Rotary Foundation project in Guatemala.  They were there for 12 days at different locations.  There were 8 members on the trip.  The purpose of the trip was to personally observe the progress of five initiatives funded by Rotary International.

The first place they visited was La Concepcion where spring water was being diverted to local villages for sanitary consumption.  The local people were trained in chlorinating the water.  The second program involved creating new washing stations, so that the village women would not have to wash clothes in dirty pools or small ponds.

The third project took place in Caracol where a building was built and supplied with computers for local use. It was interesting to observe that the villagers could get on the internet as do others around the world.  When the locals heard that the Rotarians were coming to visit the computer center, they spread pine needles on the floor, showing that the visitors were welcome.

Stopping in to visit Xejuyub, the group observed a school and its new playground equipment provided by Rotary.  The equipment was modern and “brand-new” much to the delight of the schoolchildren.  The last stop on the trip was at a home for abandoned girls.  While not a happy sounding place, it turned out that the resident girls knew that the caretakers cared for them and made sure they were safe and happy.  Thus, the kids were happy.

Both Jim and Kathy enjoyed the celebratory style of the Guatemalan people as they encountered ceremonies, decorations, and other party-like atmospheres at each location they visited.  Along with the rest of the team, they created a list of things that Rotary can do next year for these wonderful people.

After the Program

Jim Bullock won the drawing.  The can collected $41  The meeting closed after we recited the 4-way test. 

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Guests of Rotarians

Guest  Host
Jennifer Hanson Byers Christopher Dulany

Visiting Rotarians

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Peter Krebs Rio Grande


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Earl Phillips 6/26 Rio Grande

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