2011-07-27, Sam Fernald, NMSU Water Resources Research Institute

Club president, Ross Ramsey rang the bell to open the meeting. He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Charlie Yaryan gave the invocation.  Paul Comeau led the club in singing “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning.” Next, we greeted one another and learned later that Howdy Doody was the mystery greeter.  We had two visiting Rotarians (both from the Rio Grande club), and no guests of Rotarians.

Happy bucks were secured from John Hernandez, Blaine Goss, and John Schwebke.  

Gene Peugh at the pianoAnnouncement: The club was awarded a $2,000 matching grant for the Peace Camp. Good news! (Pictured right, substitute Liberace, Gene Peugh)

The Program – Sam Fernald, NMSU Water Resources

Program planner for the month, Alex Keats introduced Sam Fernald who earned his PhD at Colorado State University.  Sam had a two-part presentation: power-point and a handout.

Speaker Sam FernaldThe power-point show illustrated the results of a number of research studies using computerized modeling to predict the variations in water resources.  More specifically, Sam talked about Community Hydrology in northern New Mexico.  We have hydrology down south here in Las Cruces but we “keep a lid on it.” 

Since water is distributed via ditches (acequias), the researchers map and measure the ditch systems within the boundaries of the specific project.  Ditches are measured for flow and fields are measured for the amount of water that seeps back underground.  What has been discovered is that about 1/3 of the water used for irrigation returns to the underground basins or to the rivers from which it was drawn. We also learned that water from runoff from the mountain snows is most abundant in late spring, yet the demand for water is highest in the fall.  This is why reservoirs are needed for storage.

WRRI logoThe second part of the presentation was guided by the handout we got.  This summarized how water is used and transferred in the border region.  Of particular interest to us was the discovery that the aquifer in the Mesilla Valley is fed from the north (as you would expect) but it is also fed from the south (Mexico).

After the Program

David O’Brien won the drawing.  The can collected $134.  The meeting closed with the recital of the 4-way test. 

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