2011-08-03, LaDeidre Garcia, Aprendamos Intervention Team

President Elect Eddie Groth , filling in for Ross Ramsey, opened the meeting with a loud bang of the dinger (to wake us up, he said) then lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Invocation was given by Jim Parks. Jim Maxon, back from RYLA Camp with RYLA songs still ringing in his head, lead us in singing "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain" and " Clementine".

We then sang happy birthday to the August birthday Rotarians.

After introduction of guests, President elect Eddie gave us military instructions on the meet and greet process-go this way, don't obstruct, shake hands with everyone. (No Hup toup threp four.) We did a very efficient manuever, thanks to General Eddie.

The mystery greeter was Paulina Salopek.

General Eddie: Attention to orders, Committee Chairs get your budget requests in on time. We dont have to act like Congress.

Arlyn is back but not ready to dance the jig.

The Program

Gary Lenzo, program chair, was cued to introduce the program. Le Deidre Garcia moved to Las Cruces to pursue a PhD at NMSU. There she met Abel Covarrubia, head of  the Aprendemos Intervention Team. She became interested in autism research and services and joined the team..

Aprendamos logoHearts for Autism is a non-profit group funded  by the community foundation and is involved in investment and social activities to raise awareness and early intervention for autism patients and for their care givers.

In a disease as complex as autism, both nature and nurture are know to play a role but the latest evidence suggests that the environmental factors may have a slight edge. Some studies are flawed such as the one looking into vacinations being a cause of autism, which proved false. Studies including environmental effects and others are continuing. We must find the cause before we can find a cure. In the mean time we have to provide services, training, and intervention to ease the problem.

Researchers speculate that the key environmental factors may include multiple births, older mothers and fathers, and exposure to medication or infection during pregnancy.

One of our fund raising efforts was the Mariposa Masquerade Ball. The first one raised $ 16,000. The second one raised $65,000. Other fund raisers include the "Autism LC5K marathon" and The "Bowling for Autism".

Our first Camp New Amigos @ NMSU hosted 14 children age 5-11. After the word got out the second camp hosted 35 children and had 22 counselors.

We provide a community training series to educate and enpower the community. Our training is free and is open to all. Our first training session was attended by 70 people. There is an outcry for services and a significant need-we do our best.

We have a waiting list of 40 famillies that need support but we are limited by the lack of state funding. Can you help?

After the Program

The 50/50 was won by Bill Harty, again.

The can collected $ 19 for the club project.

After reciting the Four Way Test the meeting ws adjourned. 

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Guests of Rotarians

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Greg Smith Don Niewold

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Jim Maxon 7/14 Mesilla Valley
Jim Maxon 7/19 Rio Grande
Jim Maxon 7/22 & 7/29 RYLA

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