2011-08-17, Jim Bullock & Bill Harty, Rotary Foundation

Club president, Ross Ramsey rang the bell to open the meeting. He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Charles Tharp gave the invocation.  Jim Maxon led the club in singing “School Days.” Next, we greeted one another and learned later that Jim Maxon was the mystery greeter.  We had no visiting Rotarians and no guests of Rotarians.

Happy bucks were secured from Denton Holmes, Matt Holt, and Wonder Woman.  

Mary Ellen McKay, Richelle Ponder, & John SchwebkeAnnouncement: Rotary Happy Hour Fellowship will be Thursday August 18.  (Right: Mary Ellen McKay, Richelle Ponder, and John Schwebke)

The Program– Rotary Foundation with Bill Harty & Jim Bullock

Program planner for the month, Gary Lenzo introduced Bill and Jim who did a tag-team presentation of the Rotary Foundation.

Jim Bullock & Bill Harty-ok you go first!In order to increase giving to the Rotary Foundation, a few years ago all local clubs were presented with the “Every Rotarian Every Year” program.  We all know the fine work of the foundation.  The 200 million dollar challenge to “End Polio Now” is nearing its goal in that 185 million dollars has been collected.  Furthermore, the Gates Foundation is matching up to 385 million dollars for Rotary’s effort to end polio.

Bill talked about eight grants programs which the foundation sponsors.  They include the 3-H Grants, Matching Grants, District Simplified Grants, Peace Fellowships, Ambassador Scholarships, Grants for University Teachers in developing countries, and Travel Grants. All of these grants are for outreach to communities and countries in need.

Bill HartyNext, Bill talked about the “big 3 funds,” which are the polio fund, the permanent fund, and the annual funds (such as EREY wherein the goal is to have every Rotarian donate $100 a year).

Jim Bullock then wrested the microphone from Bill and talked about the Paul Harris Fellow program.  The PHF is designed to acknowledge individuals who have done good works.  It is primarily a fundraising program.  Club members receive this award as do non-club members. 

Jim BullockOur club devotes two club meetings a year to recognize PH recipients.  The December program is funded from our club monies.  Usually there are 6 nominees.  The spring meeting focuses on matching initiatives with $500 being donated by the club and $500 donated by the person.  So far 50% of the spring recipients have been club members and 50% have been non-Rotarians. Since the PH program started years ago, our club has given a total of 247 awards, with 30% of the PH awards going to non-Rotarians.

After the Program

Lya (who guards the basket that contains the raffle tickets) won the drawing.  The can collected $29 for the Children’s Crisis Center.  The meeting closed with the recitation of the 4-way test. 

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Elaine Szalay 8/17 Rio Grande
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