2011-09-28, District Governor Bobby Wallace

President Ross Ramsey called the meeting to order for the Pledge of Allegiance before Barbara Rose Farber’s invocation reminded us that Rosh Hoshanah and the Jewish year 5752 began that evening.  Paul Comeau led the singing of “Autumn Leaves” and sang a romantic verse to the same tune written in French.  Ana Mangino reported on the September 14 board meeting, reading Charlie Yaryan’s resignation letter due to health issues, and asking the club to affirm the increase of dues to $26/month and a special assessment of $10 for directory costs; those both passed voice votes.  After a chance to greet each other, it was discovered that Jake Redfearn was the mystery greeter. 

Mark GlennPresident Ross introduced visiting District Governor-elect Mark Glenn, and had members introduce their guests.  As it was the last meeting of the month, our outstanding September high school students of the month each told us about themselves and their plans; each of them thanked the club for the opportunity.  Ryan Stultz from Las Cruces High noted that LCHS was his thirteenth different school; that he was fourth in his class there and enjoys science; that he plans to study astronomy, biochemistry or aeronautical engineering; and that he enjoys high-speed video gaming.  Bethany Blundell, the senior class president at Mayfield, plans to study broadcast journalism and to study abroad during college; she enjoys sports broadcasting, which she gets the opportunity for at Mayfield.  Isaac Merry is a star athlete at Oñate, where he has finished as high as third in the state in gold, and was a member of the OHS state champion basketball squad last year; he is a member of the LDS Church, and, after his church mission, plans to play division I golf at one of a long list of schools now recruiting him in preparation for a professional golf career.  Derek Davidson is an Eagle Scout attending Mesilla Valley Christian, where he participates in many activities including athletics; he is also active in the work of Calvary Baptist Church. 

Ryan StultzBethany BlundellIsaac MerryDerek Davidson
The Program—
District Governor Bobby Wallace

President Ross then introduced our speaker, District Governor Bobby Wallace, who is a member of the Albuquerque Del Sol club.  Governor Bobby grew up at the New Mexico Boys Ranch, and is now President of its foundation. 

District 5520 logoGovernor Bobby again introduced Mark Glenn of the Mesilla Valley club, who is in the second year of his district leadership commitment as Governor-elect.  He then began his talk by asking us to name the avenues of service (we were one of the few who named all five).  He highlighted the newest Avenue, New Generations Service, home of the future of Rotary, its youth programs:  RYLA, Interact, Rotaract, Youth Exchange, and Ambassadorial Scholars. 

Bobby WallaceHe discussed his personal history, orphaned and homeless at age 6.  Through the efforts of Belen community members he later found were Rotarians, went to the New Mexico Boys’ Ranch.  Most youth at the Ranches only spend two or three years there, but Bobby graduated from high school there.  One of the rewards for good behavior and scholastic achievement at the Boys Ranch was the opportunity to visit a Rotary meeting at the country club.  He grew up with a great respect for Rotary, and had the chance to be one of the first RYLA campers of District 5520.  Rotary and its youth programs made a difference in his life, and he believes in Rotary’s ability to do that again and again. 

In the district this year, 175 high school juniors attended RYLA camps for boys and girls.  In addition, there are 19 inbound exchange students and 12 American students abroad on Rotary Youth Exchanges. 

When Bobby first joined Rotary he was regular in attendance for several months, then one day he decided to sleep in.  That became two weeks, then three, and eventually six.  He got a call from the club president asking where he had been:  “We missed you.”  This made a real difference to him, and he got involved in the club.  This district is now providing a program to help new members understand Rotary called the Rio Grande Academy.  This three-Saturday program, to be held in various locations around the district, gives new members a background in Rotary and its programs, including the Rotary Foundation, membership, club operations, and conducting successful projects. 

Governor Bobby talked about two challenges from him to each club this year:  First, to hold a blood drive sometime during the year.  The Albuquerque clubs came together to have 154 people give blood.  Second, how much weight can each club lose over a twelve week period?  The overall goal is for the district to collectively lose a ton during the year.  Recognition for these will happen at the district conference, May 19-20 in Albuquerque.  This year’s conference will have a patriotic theme; the district has sponsorships to allow each club to bring someone engaged in law enforcement or military service to the conference. 

He talked about the cruise raffle program, a way to encourage Every Rotarian Every Year giving to the annual fund, which is an investment in Rotary programs of the future.  The tickets will come out at the end of January.  He also talked briefly about the Group Study Exchange with district 9350 from South Africa, and the selection of an Albuquerque Del Sol Rotarian as the leader. 

He closed discussing this year’s RI theme, “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity,” and the theme logo.  The three hearts in the emblem stand (from the bottom) for:

  • Family, the number one priority,
  • Continuity, identifying those things we want to continue to do, and
  • Change, have the courage to change those things that need to be changed. 

Here are links to the District Governor's blog entries about his visit to our club and the dinner event with all four local clubs

After the Program

After Treasurer Paulina Salopek presented a gift from the club to Governor Wallace, he selected one of her tickets to win the 50/50 drawing.  After Paulina announced that $25 was raised for the Child Crisis Center project, and President Ross reminded the board of their afternoon meeting, and the club of the evening event for the Governor and all four Doña Ana County clubs, the 4-Way Test was recited to close the meeting. 

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