2011-10-19, Marvin Menzies, NMSU Basketball

Our President Ross Ramsey again called the meeting to order at 12:15 and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Harry Hansen led us in prayer and Denton Holmes selected a weather song “Singing In The Rain.”  The group didn’t do as well as Gene Kelly with the lyrics.  President Ross requested a shorter Grip and Greet because of the long agenda, but we still were gripping and greeting when Ross rang the bell.  Our guest speaker, Marvin Menzies, was the mystery greeter.   

RYLA StudentsMembers then introduced their guests.  It was good to see Gerald Thomas again.  President Ross then introduced two students who had attended Camp RYLA this summer, Emily Grandle and Dorothy Klement.  They thanked the club for sponsoring their attendance and reported that it was a great experience.  Blaine Goss coughed up a buck when he proudly stated both students attend First Presbyterian Church.  Other announcements followed including the news that Wanda Mattiace’s brother Roland Nicolitz had passed away and that Ana Mangino’s husband Pistol had successfully undergone angioplasty surgery.  Rick Merolla

Sort-of-new-member Rick Merolla then gave his classification talk in which he sited two situations that give him wisdom and guidance during his banking career.  If you missed it, ask him to tell you the elevator story.

The induction of our newest member, Michele Murphy, then took place with Howard Ness as her sponsor and Eddie Groth reading the induction speech.  Michele is a financial advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors and the mother of three children attending college or high school.  Michele’s husband Jim is an astronomy professor at NMSU.  Welcome to the club, Michele!Michele Murphy induction

The Program

October Program Chair Chris Dulany then introduced our guest speaker, Marvin Menzies, Head Basketball Coach at NMSU by noting that the coach was starting an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street called Occupy the Pan Am Center.   Coach Menzies began by stating he will do everything possible to bring home wins this year, especially against arch rivals UNM and UTEP.  He believes that the NMSU players this year are talented and healthy.  His recruiting philosophy is to find talented four year players rather than going the Junior College transfer route.  He wants to build of team of “Pure Aggies”.  Now that he is entering his fourth year at NMSU, he has had the opportunity to recruit many of his own players and now has many good younger players coming up.  He noted that in addition to being talented players, the team is willing to volunteer for community service with only the women’s softball team logging more volunteer hours.

Marvin MenziesCoach Menzies then went on to discuss some of his players especially highlighting his newly recruited freshman 7’5” center (yes, seven feet & five inches), Sim Bhullar, from Huntington Prep in Toronto, Canada.  Coach reported that Sim will probably sit out this season and will spend a lot of time trying to cut down on his 377 pounds.  To be in top notch condition, he should be somewhere between 277 and 300 lbs.  Coach Menzies also predicted that if Sim plays the way he expects, he has a very good shot at the NBA.  He would also be the first NBA player from the country of India.  Next Coach discussed some upcoming events including the first exhibition game against Eastern New Mexico on November 2, a much needed fund raising banquet on November 9, the rivalry game with UNM on November 16 at The Pit, and the big, big game with our “hated” rival UTEP at the Pan Am Center on November 19.  If there is one game fans should attend, Coach Menzies says it’s the game with UTEP. 

NMSU Athletics logoAfter his formal remarks, the Coach then asked for questions.  The first one was ‘what’s the WAC going to be like this year”?  Coach Menzies stated that even through the WAC itself is going through turmoil, Nevada and Utah State are still going to be tough.  He noted that last year the average age of the Utah State players was 26 while NMSU’s average age was several years younger.  In response to another question he expects that out of 7 or 8 freshman players, 3 or 4 could get in some playing time.  He also plans to red shirt a couple more.  He concluded by stating that a good team must not rely on just one player to rack up points, the entire team must generate points to be consistent winners.

After the Program

One of our Camp RYLA students, Dorothy Klement, won the drawing.  Paulina Salopek announced that we had raised $26 for the Children’s Crisis Center.  The meeting concluded just before 1:00PM after recitation of The Four Way Test. 

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