2011-10-26, Alan Gluth, Estate Planning

With a loud bang of the gong, our President Ross Ramsey again called the meeting to order at 12:15 and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Harry Hansen led us in prayer with a special plug for the Community of Hope.  As a special treat, our Student Rotarian from Oñate High School, Aylin White, sang The Star Spangled Banner a cappella and didn’t miss a note.  Great job!!  Then Ross led us in a verse of Take Me Out to the Ball Game and finally Denton Holmes got to lead us in It’s a Grand Old Flag.  With hoarse voices, we then conducted our Meet and Greet.  Mary Ellen McKay was the Mystery Greeter.  After introducing our guests, President Ross then invited our Student Rotarians to give their end-of-the-month talks. 

Doug BrownDoug Brown from Mesilla Valley Christian High School began by noting his mother had received a Rotary scholarship so she could attend nursing school years before.  In listing his high school activities, Doug stated that he volunteers as Memorial Medical Center and encouraged us to go there to sample the desserts in the cafeteria.  He said they were great.  Doug is planning to become either a Mechanical Engineer or a physicist and hopes to attend either NMSU or New Mexico Tech.

Mary Johnston


Mary Johnston, a senior at Las Cruces High School, stated that she is President of the National Honor Society chapter at LCHS which takes up a lot of her time as the National Honor Society requires its members to do volunteer work.  In addition to that, she also has a part time job.  Her interest leans towards becoming either an architect or an architectural engineer.  Since NMSU doesn’t have such a program, she has applied to UNM and Texas Tech. 

Aylin White

Aylin White from Onate High School warned us she had left her speech at home because she had to run to an audition before coming to the meeting so would have to wing it.  Aylin has wanted to go into musical theatre since she was eight (and with her voice and poise she’ll probably make it, so “break a leg”).  Thus she has applied to arts schools in New York and LA as a way to be closer to the ‘big time’.  She reported that her parents are a bit concerned about her going off to the big sinful cities, but she expects to be able to convince them it will be OK.

The Program

October Program Chair Chris Dulany then introduced our guest speaker, attorney Alan Gluth, who has his own law firm that specializes in wills, probate, and estate planning.  Mr. Gluth began his presentation by discussing changes in the federal estate tax and what might happen in the future.  He reported that for this year and next, an estate’s first $5 million is exempt from the federal estate tax, but in 2013 it will go back to just the first million being exempt.  He noted that Congress may change that but given the nature of politics right now, he really wouldn’t bet on it. 

Alan GluthHe then went on to discuss estate planning and gave some ideas on how to avoid arguments over the terms of the estate.  The first thing people need to do is have a will.  Either in the will or as a separate document, a person must state how he/she wishes his remains to be interred.  He cited one client who specified mountain top GPS coordinates where his ashes were to be scattered and another who just wanted a pine box.  He noted that siblings will often get in disputes over how dad or mom might want to be interred.  Mr. Gluth also explained the need for a person to execute a power of attorney so one person is designated with the authority to make decisions.  Having such a document also helps establish guardianship or conservatorship if required.  Next, he suggested that people should execute a HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) Medical Records Release so that their children can obtain their medical records if necessary.  Finally, he noted that one of the biggest problems he faces are probate disputes when the deceased has had multiple spouses and children with each spouse.  The issue of “fairness” always seems to come up and he encouraged members in that situation to be very clear as to who gets what.

After the Program

Our Mystery Greeter, Mary Ellen McKay, also won the drawing and Paulina Salopek announced that we had raised $37 for the Children’s Crisis Center.  The meeting concluded at 1:03PM after recitation of The Four Way Test. 

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