2011-11-02, Peter Goodman, Peru is Beautiful

At 12:16 p.m., President Ross Ramsey called the meeting to order for the Pledge of Allegiance before Barbara Rose Farber’s invocation.  Before our meet and greet, Early Phillips led the spirited singing of “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”  The mystery greeter remains a mystery.  President Ross introduced visiting Rotarian Peter Krebs from the Rio Grande club, and Dinus Briggs introduced his lunch date, spouse June. 

President Ross RamseyNext, we met several of our high school students of the month.  Eddie Groth presented Jacob Makins, who runs cross country for Mayfield and belongs to the Spanish Club; he is in ROTC and plans a military career.  Keith Houser introduced Hayley Bloomquist, also from Mayfield; among her many activities are volleyball and choir.  Mel Parish presented Oñate senior Rafael Ulibarri, who belongs to the cross country and wrestling teams; Rafael plans to study civil or agricultural engineering in college.  Ana Mangino told us about Carly Brack from Mesilla Valley Christian, whose activities include volleyball, FCA, and Students Leading Service; she plans to attend Colorado State University to study psychology. 

The Program—Peter Goodman

President Ross introduced program chair Ted Shelton, who presented our speaker, Peter Goodman.  Peter has had a varied career; among many things, he has been a New York City cab driver, a Las Cruces newspaperman, a San Francisco lawyer, and a free-lance photographer. 

Before the meetingHis presentation was largely a slide show of pictures taken during an extended visit to Peru in April through October 2008; his spouse Dael ran the computer/projector.  He told us of purchasing a four-wheel drive vehicle on arrival in Peru, taking the necessary cash from an ATM with many, many withdrawals of the limit.  The slides showed a beautiful country and a colorful people. 

He noted that being a cabbie prepared him for driving in Peru’s cities, which he described as “a game of chicken.”  There were many dirt roads, and most people did not use their headlights at night, to preserve the charge on their batteries. 

He met lots of great people, saw impressive country with many mountains and waterfalls.  He prepared for the trip using guidebooks, websites (“Exiles in Peru”, “Living in Peru”), but made much of the trip based on word of mouth from Peruvians, who suggested things he should see.  He generally stayed in guest houses and small hotels. 

Peter GoodmanHe finished his presentation showing pictures of people in Yungay, a village which lost all but 1,000 of its 18,000 people in an avalanche caused by a major 1970 earthquake.  The dedication of the survivors in rebuilding their community was particularly impressive. 

For those interested in traveling to Peru (or in seeing the pictures again with an expanded account), he created a detailed blog about the trip at http://kojin.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/introduction/

After the Program

Eddie Groth’s ticket was selected to win the 50/50 drawing.  Lya Jordan reported that $30 was raised for El Caldito Soup Kitchen, the recipient of can collections in November and December.  A few happy dollars were collected near the end of the meeting; Ana Mangino reported that spouse Pistol is out of the hospital after successful surgery.  The meeting closed at 1:03 p.m. with the Four-Way Test. 

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