2011-11-23, Club Assembly

Subbing for Club president Ross Ramsey, Ana Mangino chaired our meeting. After banging the bell to get our attention, Ana led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Barbara Rose Farber gave the invocation. 

Ana ManginoBob McPherson led the club in singing a great hymn “Come, Ye Thankful People.” Next, we greeted one another and learned later that Lya Jordan was the mystery greeter.  We had no visiting Rotarians, but three Rotarians brought four guests.

Two of our high school student guests gave their speeches to the club.  Jacob Makens, from Mayfield High told us that he was a member of the National Honor Society and ran cross-country for his school.  He also serves as a volunteer fire fighter.  Jacob MakensHe plans to attend college via the ROTC program and major in mechanical engineering.  Rafael Ulivarri, from Onate High, told us that he enjoys his math classes, history classes, and government classes.  He went to New Mexico Boys State.  He is considering three universities for his college education—Colorado School of Mines, University of Illinois, and Boise State University.  Afterwards, he hopes to land an architectural engineering job.


Rafael UlivarriThe Program – Club Assembly—Using Rotary websites by Bill Harty

Before using his power-point presentation to demonstrate the use of Rotary websites, Bill did a bit of official business by explaining how members could earn Paul Harris points for sponsoring new members.  After noting how the point system works for PH fellowships, Bill asked and received a motion (and a second) “to award 200 points for a club member who sponsors a new member who achieves the blue badge.” The motion carried.

Bill HartyTurning to his power-point presentation, Bill showed us how to access two important sites on your computer.  The first was the main Rotary website www.Rotary.org. Here you will learn all there is about Rotary.  The opening page has six major tabs, and each tab has a number of tabs within it.  This site is particularly useful for discovering the scope of Rotary and how our organization impacts the world.  Among other things, you can setup a member account under member access.  You can find your personal “number” on the back of the Rotarian magazine which is sent to club members in the mail.  Our club number is 1309 as shown on the masthead of Spokes & Cogs.

The second website is our own club’s webpage www.lascrucesrotary.org. (Note that the ending .com will also work.)  Our club site also has six major tabs, and it is especially useful for its calendar which lists upcoming events and programs.  The site explains how to join the club and how to find our weekly meeting place.  It also contains a listing of our current club members.  You will find this a very handy website to check on a weekly basis.  Club members are encouraged to have a shortcut for this site on their computer’s desktop.  You can even read Spokes & Cogs on this site.  Hats off to Bill Harty for the countless hours he has put into making our club website useful and attractive!

After the Program

Lya (who guards the basket that contains the raffle tickets) won the drawing.  The can collected $10.  The meeting closed with the recitation of the 4-way test. 

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