2011-12-21, Robert Hoffman, Animal Life in the Robledo Mountains

At 12:12pm Ross Ramsey rang the bell to open the meeting. He then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. John Pickett gave the invocation.  Ross led the club in singing “Jingle Bells” and “White Christmas.” We were then turned loose to greet one another.  The mystery greeter was Lyn Ames. 

Richelle Ponder gave the nominating report for new officers for 2012-13.  The slate was elected by acclamation.   Next year's officers are: 
Dave Lemen-Good Food

President: Eddie Groth
President-elect: Ana Mangino
Secretary: Bill Harty
Treasurer: Paulina Salopek
Asst. Sec/Tres: Chris Dulany
2014 Director: Blaine Goss
2014 Director: Wanda Mattiace
2014 Director: John Strebler

Ross shared a letter of thanks from El Caldito.  Our cash contribution along with additional monies totaled $2,000 for El Caldito.

Mary Ellen McKay-Egg Nog QueenMichelle Murphy earned and received her blue badge.  Good work!  Happy bucks abounded—mostly for bragging rights.  The happy braggers were Charles Tharp, Jim Scott, Mary Ellen McKay, Barbara Rose Farber, Jim Parks, Elaine Szalay,Richelle Ponder, Dave Lemen, Don Niewald, Bill Harty, and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

The Program– Animal Life in the Robledos Mountains

Lyn Ames introduced fellow chemist Bob Hoffman who retired from NMSU and now lives at the foot of the Robledos Mountains.  Speaker Bob HoffmanHe has installed motion-triggered flash cameras at a number of positions on his property.  This has allowed him to build an album of nighttime photos of nocturnal animal activity. His presentation to our club was a slide show of his favorite shots.  We enjoyed seeing the 15 different animals he captured on camera.

He started with photos of mountain lions and javelinas.  Next we saw bobcats and coyotes.  These were followed by deer and foxes.  Bob got pictures of buzzards, ravens, roadrunners, quail, and a ringtail cat.  His favorite photo was of a buck deer that apparently survived an attack by a lion.  His final photo was a jackrabbit! 

What a fun program to watch.  This hobby of Bob not only keeps him entertained, it serves as a documented log of the wildlife in his area of town.  So, if you ever say, “there aren’t any mountain lions in our valley” talk to Bob.Unclaimed Egg Nog

After the Program

Barbara Rose won the raffle.  The can collected $268, of which $210 will go to the soup kitchen with remainder to pay a recent club bill.  We concluded the meeting by reciting the 4-Way Test. 

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Special Note—Blaine has a speaker who is ready to talk to the club.  If you are a monthly program planner who needs another speaker, call him at 639-1575.

Submitted by Blaine Goss