2013-04-10, Lya Jordan, Seychelles Revisited

Ross Ramsey presidingStanding in for Pres. Groth, Ross Ramsey rang the bell to begin our meeting at 12:10pm.  After leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Ross invited Harry Hansen to the podium for the invocation. He prepared a thoughtful and inclusive prayer. Thanks, Harry.  Paul Comeau led the club in singing “Oh! What a Beautiful Morning.” We then boarded the “greeting train” to say hello to one another. Two of our high school student guests were present: Michaela Dolly and Tracie Taylor Turner.

We had three guests of Rotarians, and no visiting Rotarians.  After two announcements by John Strebler and Janet Green, we collected Happy Bucks from John Hernandez, Matt Holt, Ross Ramsey, Fran Kemp, Robert McPherson, Mel Parish, Michele Murphy, and Dave Lemen.

Lunch   Tracie & Michaela

The Program:  Seychelles Revisited

Lya Jordan brought in some new slides of her recent trip to Seychelles.  This time her focus was on architecture, including homes, churches and other public buildings.  Starting with church buildings we saw how each one was a little different based on when it was constructed.  The fourth church shown was the one in which Lya and Jay were married.  (The church was built just for their wedding.)

Lya & JayHer photos of the houses in Seychelles were interesting.  Given that the islands get 100 inches of rain a year, the houses were built with different roofing materials from thatch the corrugated metal.  The “Plantation House” was a thatched roof house that offers a honeymoon suite for guests.  Today’s houses have either asbestos roofing or more traditional thatch roofing.

One house of special interest was the one that Jay and Lya built when they were raising a family.  The 1970s home had four bedrooms and some wonderful stonework on its exterior. 

Lya ended her presentation with pictures of the hospital and police station.  The “coolest” shot was of the local bus system--carts powered by oxen.  The local townspeople simply wait for the open air cart to arrive at one of its designated stops and climb aboard. 

After the Program

Jay Jordan won the raffle.  The can collected $67.  We closed with the Rotary Four-Way Test.

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