2015-03-18, Rotary Foundation: Every Rotarian, Every Year

Lunch timePresident Bill Harty struck the bell at 12:17 pm to get the meeting underway.  Great to see you back, Mr. President!   Bill thanked Ana Mangino for acting as his substitute the last two weeks.  Jim Parks gave the invocation and President Bill led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Earl Phillips returned to center stage to lead us in a day-after-St. Patrick’s Day version of “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover.”  Good job Earl!  Attendance was a bit sparse today, so the “Meet and Greet’ didn’t take long.   John “I’m Just Happy To Be Here Today” Hernandez was the Mystery Greeter.  The Sergeant At Arms also collected a buck from those forgetful Rotarians who didn’t wear their pin. President Bill then introduced our visiting Rotarians and guests along with our Student Rotarians.   A number of announcements followed along with a second reading for potential new member Katelin Ponder. 

Cruise shipPresident Bill then announced that our Executive Secretary, Lya Jordan, was passing out packets of 10 cruise raffle tickets.  Members are encouraged to sell the tickets or, if you are a $100 “Every Rotarian Every Year” participant, fill out the stubs in your name and give them back to Lya for inclusion in the drawing.  The winner will receive a $2,500 travel voucher towards a cruise or $2,500 in cash.  Proceeds will benefit the Rotary Foundation.  Bill noted that our club has never been able to claim 100% participation in the Every Rotarian Every Year program.  He encouraged members to still participate in this Rotary fiscal year.  Lya will be glad to automatically charge your account for the amount you designate or you can give whatever you wish to the campaign.  It’s not the amount; it’s the 100% participation that’s important.   Happy Dollars followed with even our Student Rotarians getting in the action.  Thanks, ladies!    

The Rotary FoundationThe Program

March Program Co-Chair Jim Parks introduced our guest speaker who was nowhere to be seen.  Jim reported that the speaker had called in sick the day before and had not gotten any better.  As a result Jim introduced our illustrious President Bill Harty who had a PowerPoint presentation about Every Rotarian Every Year.  Bill stated that he had been working on a couple of backup presentations just in case a speaker might have to cancel at the last minute.

President Bill began by discussing the mission and work of the Rotary Foundation.  The purpose of the Foundation is to provide funds for six areas of focus this year:

  1. Build Peace
  2. Fight Disease
  3. Provide Clean Water
  4. Support Mothers and Children
  5. Promote Education
  6. Grow Local Economies

Bill HartyThe Foundation hopes to rise $123 million this year in order to meet all the project needs.  Bill reported that 92% of money received goes directly back into the areas of focus.  The project funds are divided 50-50 between the District Development Fund and Rotary World Projects.  Bill stated that money raised through the Every Rotarian Every Year project goes into the Foundation’s Annual Fund.  Annual Funds are invested so that the interest received can be used to fund the administrative costs of Rotary International.  After three years the money is used in the manner noted above.  Bill was especially keen to refute the idea that the Annual Fund is an endowment fund.  The Rotary Foundation does have an endowment fund, but it is funded separately.  Bill was also asked why Polio Plus was not in the focus list.   He replied that Polio Plus is a separate project with its own fund. 

With no additional questions, Bill was ready to move on to a second presentation entitled “Pocket Change”.  However, time had run out so Bill will save that for another rainy day. 

After the Program

As our guest speaker, President Bill drew the winning raffle ticket that was claimed by visiting Rotarian Don Buck who actually was using tickets given to him by John Hernandez.  Don kindly returned the money to the project.  Executive Secretary Lya reported that the can raised $52.00 for the March of Dimes.  The meeting concluded with the 4 Way Test.

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