2015-04-01, Kathy Rodolph, NMSU Softball

Jay JordanPresident Bill called the meeting to order at 12:19 pm.  Harry Hansen gave the invocation. Paul Comeau led us in the songs “America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)” and “America the Beautiful.”   Paul also led in singing “Happy Birthday” to the Rotarians whose birthdays are in April.  President Bill led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  To save time, Rotarians were asked to wave to each other.  (Pictured right: Jay Jordan "purchasing" his badge from the sergeant-at-arms.) 

James Gerwels introduced the student guests for April:  Guadalupe Garcia from Las Cruces High and Allison Denny from Centennial. 

LCHS Guadalupe Garcia   CHS Allison Denny

President Bill invited the March high school student guests to give their presentations.  First was Las Cruces High School senior Abryanna Carreon who has performed a significant amount of public service for a high school senior.  She was followed by Kendra Gutierrez who introduced her grandmother and performed Bach’s’ Cello Suite #3 after her presentation.  

LCHS Abryanna Carreon   MHS Kendra Gutierrez

President Bill asked Sergeant-At-Arms Christopher if there was a mystery greeter.  Christopher said that there was none since the Rotarians were asked to wave instead of greet.  He fined everyone who disobeyed instructions and shook President Bill’s hand.

Spokes & Cogs masthead 2015-04-01Announcements

Happy $$$:  Blaine Goss: S&C printed upside down and backwards.  He attributed this to his imaginary friend Bugs playing an April fools’ joke.  Ana: Happy to be back in the good ‘ol USA.  James Gerwels: Happy to be back in LC.  Mary Ellen: 1) Won big Powerball Jackpot, 2) Richelle said something “out of line” to her.  Les Smith: His team in final 4.  Mel Parish: his team (NMSU) participated in the first round.

NMSU SoftballThe Program

Kathy Rodolph & Gus GandaraPresident Bill turned the program over to Gus Gandara, April Program Coordinator, to introduce Kathy Rodolph, NMSU head Softball Coach.  Coach Rodolph was born in Carlsbad, NM, and played for UTEP even though the rest of her family went to NMSU.  NMSU alumni Rotarians were asked to overlook this.  She is in her 29th year of coaching and teaching.  In the 12 or so years she has been at NMSU, her team has a 100% graduation rate.  This year’s softball team already has over 1000 hours of community service in the last four months.  She believes this team to be the best in her 29 years.  Whenever the team loses a game they think they should have won, she reminds them that “The Game Doesn’t Know Who is Supposed to Win!!”  NMSU is hosting the WAC Softball Tournament this year – all are invited to attend.  In response to the question: What is the team’s GPA?   Coach Rodolph said that it is 3.25 as of today.  President Bill told us that he considers the team one of the most exciting and that there are 31 home games this season.  Ten or so are left, so there is still time to attend.

After the Program

President Bill reminded everyone about the “Great American Cleanup” event to be held at 8 am on April 11.  All are invited to help as this is a Great Day of Service for Rotary.  We will meet at the Walmart on Walton.  Richelle provided an update on the status of the “Taste of Las Cruces.”  President Bill reminded us to pick up the Every Rotarian Every Year cruise raffle tickets.  They are due back by in two weeks.

Coach Rodolph was invited to choose the winning 50/50 lottery ticket.  Las Cruces High School student Abryanna Carreon won.  Lya reported that the can had collected $40 for the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce’s project to restore the Historic Armijo House.  President Bill called for a short Board of Directors meeting immediately after the close of the meeting.

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