2015-04-22, Bobby Campos, Las Cruces High School

Harry HansenThe ninetieth president of the Rotary Club of Las Cruces, Bill Harty, called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm.  Harry Hansen gave the invocation.  It was short, sweet and “to the point.”  Paul Comeau led us in the song “April Showers,” an appropriate song since we had some earlier this month.  President Bill led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Rotarians were asked to greet each other.  There were no visiting Rotarians.  Cal Traylor introduced his guest: Bob Gamboa.  President Bill introduced our student guests Guadalupe Garcia from Las Cruces High and Allison Denny from Centennial High. 


President BillPresident Bill reminded us of the “Taste of Las Cruces” event to be held on the evening of June 4th.  Jodie has the tickets ($40 per person same as last year).  Sergeant-At-Arms Keith announced that the mystery greeter was Katelin Ponder.  Katelin was helping Lya with the attendance and joined the greeting line late.  There were complaints of unfairness.

Happy $$$:  Howard: “Happy on the Ranch!”  Mel: “Granddaughter finished school – looking for a job.”  Bobby: “Grandson getting married (wonderful young lady).”  Ross: “There is nothing in the rules about the selection of the mystery greeter having to be fair.”  Gary: “Received a wonderful birthday crown!”  Kristi: “Daughter commissioned by her father into the United States Navy.”  President Bill: “NMSU men’s and women’s golf teams are on track to win the WAC tournaments now underway.  He had been peeking at the scores on his hidden iPad (women ahead by 29 strokes, men by 7 as of noon today).  He felt guilty, yet proud – reasons enough to pay happy $$!!

Las Cruces HighThe Program

Gus Gandara, this month’s program coordinator, introduced our speaker whom he has known for 34 years: Las Cruces High School’s Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Bobby Campos.  Asst. Principal Campos is a long time educator, coach and administrator in the Las Cruces Public School system.  His nearly 30 year career has been dedicated to helping young people succeed.  He was a science teacher and coach at Onate High for 12 years and has been at Las Cruces High for the past 8 years, now serving as the Assistant Principal and Athletics Director.  Under his tenure as Athletic Director, Las Cruces High has won 10 State Championships in the five major men’s and women’s sports.

Asst. Principal Campos expressed how proud he is of the many students in Las Cruces who are involved in significant community service like the two student guests here today.  He gave us a detailed overview of the renovation and new construction that is taking place at Las Cruces High.  He brought along several architectural renderings to help us visualize what the updated LCHS will be like.  The two new 4-story additions will house administrative offices, 57 classrooms, 6 computer labs and a new library on the fourth floor with a spectacular view of the Organ Mountains.  The existing gymnasium will be outfitted with new bleachers and a modern HVAC system that “actually works!”  What he described is essentially phase 1 which is scheduled for completion in July.  The construction of a new cafeteria, auxiliary gymnasium and renovation of the remaining structures is phase 2 and possibly phase 3.  If all goes well, this should be done by December 2017.  The practice field will be outfitted with artificial turf for the band, physical education and other sports.  The artificial turf is necessary because of the high percentage of time the field will be in use.  Security is important and will be significantly improved with the upgrades.  There will 75-80 cameras around the campus.  He ended his program by emphasizing how important athletics and other extracurricular activities are to the overall development and success of our students.  He expressed that educating young people is perhaps the most rewarding of careers. 

Bobby Campos & Gus Gandara   Las Cruces High Renovation

After the Program

Asst. Principal Campos was invited to choose the winning 50/50 lottery ticket.  Sue won!  Executive Secretary Lya reported that the can had collected $75 for the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce’s project to restore the Historic Armijo House.  President Bill announced the programs for the next two meetings and then led us in the “Four Way Test.”

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