2015-06-03, Club Assembly

Denton HolmesMary Ellen McKayPresident-elect Alex Keatts rang the bell to begin our meeting at 12:10 p.m. Mary Ellen McKay presented an ancient prayer, still fitting today. Alex led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Denton Holmes chose a Sound of Music song—Climb Ev’ry Mountain—as our song of the day.  We circulated in the room and greeted one another. John Pickett was the mystery greeter.  We had no visiting Rotarians. We did, however, have Tricia Wright as our guest of David Yaryan.

Happy bucks were gathered from Patty Groth who was recently named President of Jardin. Chris Dulany was happy for a very short meeting today. Mel Parish was happy because the insurance company will be paying for a new roof on his house. Mark Santiago was happy that he was sitting at the table with people who had the longest hair. 


Club Assembly:  No speaker, just club business

Alex announced that today was the time for us to set-up our committees for next year.  He opened the floor for members who wish to make changes in their respective committee assignments.  Several Rotarians spoke up. 

President-elect Alex KeattsMary Ellen McKay asked to be the Attendance committee chair and to be assigned to the Fellowship committee as a member.  Mel invited others to join the Don’t Meth with Us committee. New member Jackie will be joining the Meth committee. The Programs committee for next year needs to be repopulated with club members who did not serve on that committee this year.  Let us know which month you want.

Kristi Granados offered to serve as chair of the RYLA committee. Bill Harty will be chair of the Nominating committee. For the month of December 2015, Patty Groth will be program chair. Bill Harty and Ross Ramsey will assist in the December programs as well. James Gerwells will be chair next year of the High School Student Guests, and Kristi Granados will chair the following year. FriendsKen Van Winkle will be assuming an interim role as President of NMSU-Alamogordo.  Ken served many roles in Rotary this year. We are waiting to learn how to replace him in his club assignments.

The writer of this edition of Spokes apologizes for anything I did not include (or flat-out errors) in this portion of the newsletter. Sometimes, I can’t write fast enough. 

After the Program 

Mary Ellen won the raffle, again. The can collected $16 for La Casa. The meeting was closed with the 4-way test.

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