2015-11-11, Richelle Ponder, Service Above Self

Jodie Brdecko invoked the Lord's blessing on our service and food. John Pickett lead us in the fight songs for three of the armed forces branches - sorry about that Marines and Coast Guard. Our chants were notable as always, so perhaps we do not owe an apology to the Marines and Coast Guard.   

Guests: Maria Small introduced Earl Cunningham. John Hernandez introduced Gonzalo Soto. Earl Phillips introduced Mary Albert. Bill Harty introduced Gabe Anaya. Fran Kemp introduced Jeff Kemp - her son in town to buy her car.

Visiting Rotarians and Makeups: Maria Small from Anacortes, WA. Mary Lee Shelton of the Juarez, MX Club. Rob Sheldon was visiting from the Rio Grande Club.

Concerns: Bill Harty's father passed on. Our warmest wishes go out to him and his family during this time of confusion.

Happy Dollars from Patty Groth because she failed to reset her clock and was late, and she missed a speeding fine last week on Boutz, John Hernandez because he is glad to be here, Jodie Brdecko because she loves us, and Rob Sheldon because he is happy we have veterans. Kristi for her children in the military. Ross Ramsey for Mayfield's victory over LCHS. Tessa Valadez announced that the Interact Club completed their first project - a clothing drive.

As a personal note: Thank you Patty for finding and returning my reading glasses - kindness and service above and beyond.

This month's High School Students: Alexis Torres, Centennial HS, and Ashton Womble, Onate.  Jennifer Ponce, LCHS, was notably absent - we missed her. Welcome ladies – we know the future is in good hands.

The Program

Richelle Ponder presented an excellent program on what it means to live up to the motto of Service Above Self. Richelle involved the members in recalling the history of the Motto in Rotary and how important our military veterans have been and are to our way of life.  Many of our members stood up as veterans. She reminded us to says "Thanks" to all who provide all types of service to us. She thinks women should not have to pump their own gas. We need to think of all the ways we can be of service. Thanks Richelle for showing this very giving and warm side of you. You did us a great service by reminding us to serve with a happy face.

After the Program

Can report from Patty: $109. for La Casa.  We closed with the Four Way Test ably led by Pres Alex.

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Earl Cunningham

Maria Small

Gonzalo Soto

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Mary Albert

Earl Phillips

Gabe Anaya


Jeff Kemp

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Maria Small

Anacortes, WA

Mary Lee Shelton

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