2015-11-18, Wayne Suggs, photographer

Jodie Brdecko invoked the Lord's blessing on our service and food.  We were led in a fine rendition of Albuquerque Turkey.   It was a re-sounding success and some of us remembered the tune and key.  I hope everybody enjoyed a thankful and wonder-filled Thanksgiving gathering with scrambled eggs and Albuturkey survived to appear next year. 

Guests: John Hernandez introduced Gonzalo Soto and Antinette Gibbs; Mel Parish introduced his granddaughter Sila who has just graduated from chef school with a specialty in pastry; and Kim Hakes introduced Daniel Payne who is back for a second visit and would like to become a member.

Tom WalkerVisiting Rotarians and Makeups: We had the pleasure and privilege of entertaining and feeding DISTRICT GOVERNOR TOM WALKER. The DG congratulated the Club for being 100% EREY and delivered a Certificate for our full participation in Polio Eradication. We are one of only 12 in the District for this level of participation.  He congratulated the Club on, and read a letter noting, the Club's upcoming 92nd Anniversary on December 5th.  Hooray for the old guys and ladies.

Concerns: The death of Mr. Steinborn and warm wishes to his family.

Happy Dollars: John Hernandez just for being here - and we are happy he is here. Bob because his wife's surgery for a brain tumor was successful and she is home and doing well. Charles because he is home safe and sound from his long trip including Africa. Kim Hakes for his two granddaughters. Patty because her family's tests came back and all is well. Jim because his grandson passed the bar and has a job. Hooray to all of you. Life is good.

This Month's High School Students: Alexis Torres, Centennial HS, and Ashton Womble, Onate.  Jennifer Ponce, LCHS, was notably absent - we missed her. Welcome ladies – we know the future is in good hands. This is the last meeting for these two ladies. It was a treat to have them. I ran into Kate Payer at Uno the other night.  She greeted me with her characteristic exuberance and thanked me profusely for the opportunity of attending the Rotary meetings. There is hope. 

The Program

Richelle Ponder once again gave us a fine program.  Wayne Suggs, and his wife Kiki, brought the Organ Mountains, the West Mesa, and our incredible night sky to life. Words cannot describe the beauty that we enjoy.  Wayne also introduced us to the magnificence of the Colorado landscape and Sedona's beauty.  Each of his photos was carefully sculptured and 'posed' to emphasize the creation that he captured. He graced us with about forty photos each more beautiful than you could imagine. The Milky Way was as we have seen it with clarity and definition to explain why it is called the Milky Way.  His crowning shot was of the Blood Moon we enjoyed about two months ago. A very insignificant copy is shown in this edition - for a better copyrighted copy call Wayne. The haunting glory of an abandoned home reminded us how passing our lives are.  He also brought out the humor that marks Rotary with his selfie taken in Colorado. 


After the Program

Board Report: Your Board of Directors met on November 10.  The Club is solvent - hooray. Bill Harty's Foundation is moving forward. There was a discussion about starting the meeting at 12 rather than 12:15 so that we are in compliance with our Bylaws and the Club functions and programs will have more time. Talk to your Board member if you have a strong position.

Can report from Patty: $94. for La Casa. The 50/50 raffle is up to $64.

We closed with the Four Way Test ably led by Pres. Alex.

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Charles R. Tharp Linda December 21 57 years
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Earl Phillips December 7 27 years
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Craig Tharp December 12 14 years
Keith Houser December 13 9 years
Wanda Mattiace December 27 25 years

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