2017-01-11, Ross Marks, Las Cruces International Film Festival

Pres. Dulany called the meeting to order at 12:10. Ana Mangino gave the invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. John Pickett led the members in singing “Sweet Betsy.”  We then took time to meet and greet each other. Don Dresp was the mystery greeter. We had three guests of Rotarians and two visiting Rotarians. Dominique GboGbo was our high school student guest from Centennial.  

Happy Bucks were received from several members. Elaine Szalay was “mighty glad to be here.” Mary Ellen McKay was glad that Franklin got a good health report. Wendy Clarke bragged about her grandsons in Michigan. John Pickett gave a good Picacho School report and noted that the club will donate $1500 to help 40 families of the students. Richelle Ponder made a plug for the upcoming Aggie basketball game. This prompted Bill Harty to “second” Richelle’s appeal. Lya Jordan was happy to see Elaine back at Rotary. Jim Scott told a sad story about the Grand Canyon University. Jim Parks no longer needs a driver, as he has healed enough to drive his car. Kristi Granados enjoyed the grandkids over the holidays but is happy that they are all safely back home. 

Announcements:  There will be a board meeting on the 12th, and Paul Harris committee meeting later today. 

The Program: Ross Marks-Las Cruces International Film Festival

Ross began his presentation by recalling some of his professional accomplishments. His main purpose was to describe and promote the upcoming Las Cruces International Film Festival scheduled for March 8-12. There will 25 full length films shown. 60 short films. Some will be shown at Allen Theaters. There will also be workshops for participants to interact with professionals. 

The attendance at the festival should be even larger than last year’s festival. Out of town film producers, actors, directors, other “Hollywood” guests will be mingling with the locals. Also present will be film makers looking for actors. This could be a great opportunity for NMSU students. Ross said the “LCFF will be an NMSU event.” 50 filmmakers will be here this year. The film industry is huge, in the millions of dollars. To have a festival here is a real treat.  

Preceding the festival will be a number of promotional gatherings. Most notable will be a January 24th poster party for VIPs at $100 a ticket.  

After the Program

Patty gave the “can report” noting that we gathered $75 for St. Luke’s Health Center. She also noted that the jackpot was up to $390. Gary Aschbacher had the winning ticket, but failed to pull the joker from the deck of playing cards. Thus, the pot grows. We ended the meeting with the 4-way test.  

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Franklin McKay

Mary Ellen McKay

Sylvia Aliva

Elaine Szalay (!)

Wendy Clarke

Ted Shelton

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Dan Jones

Marietta, Ohio

Earl Patterson

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Dominique (Nicky) GboGbo




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Rio Grande

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