2017-01-25, Club Assembly

Past Pres. Alex Keatts called the meeting to order at 12:10. Daniel Payne gave the invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. John Pickett led the members in singing “O Fair New Mexico.” Next we took time to meet and greet each other. We had three guests of Rotarians and two visiting Rotarians. Two of our high school student guests were in attendance.

Happy Bucks: Richelle told a fiery joke about a man with “firearms.” Barry Fisher tossed in a buck to celebrate our 18-2 NMSU men’s basketball team. Bill Harty was glad not to be fined. John Hernandez was “mighty glad to be here.” Visiting Rotarian Dan Jones was happy to report that he and Teresa Griffith got married.  Elaine Szalay was happy again to be with us. Patty Groth was happy for the donations of toiletries for St. Luke’s.

High School Student Speeches: We heard speeches from Caleb Conaway and Dominique GboGbo.  Both young men were articulate and had exciting plans for their futures. 


Classification Talk: Rynni Henderson from the Las Cruces Sun-News talked about her new job here. Officially, she is the Sun-News President, not Editor.  The newspaper industry has changed so much recently that she spends most of her time running the business of the paper, especially the advertising part of the job. She spends only a little time in the news room. She came to Las Cruces from Carlsbad.

For the past 10 years, Rynni has served the journalism profession in Florida, Louisiana, Oregon, and New Mexico. The Sun-News is part of the Gannett organization, but it is tasked with reporting and printing local news. Other stories covering U.S. news and international news are printed by the paper as well. At the downtown office, there is a staff of reporters who write and present local stories.  Rynni really likes Las Cruces and encourages the local public to support the newspaper.

New Member Induction: The club’s current pianist, Fran Boldt, was inducted into the club as a member.  Patty Groth will be her sponsor.  We welcome Fran and look forward to a long relationship with us. 

After the Program

Patty Groth announced that “can” collected $68 for St. Luke’s Clinic.  She also disclosed that the notorious card game “pot” was up to $422. Richelle (“firearms”) Ponder had the winning ticket but failed to find one of the jokers in the deck of cards. Ahh…the pot grows.

The meeting was closed with the 4-Way Test.

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Teresa Griffith

Dan Jones

Bruce Davis

Bobby Rankin

Silvia Avila

Elaine Szalay

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Scott Russell

Ithaca, New York

Dan Jones

Marietta, Ohio

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Dominique (Nicky) GboGbo


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