2017-02-08, Leah Tookey, NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, 100th Anniversary of Elephant Butte Dam

President Christopher Dulany opened the meeting of the Rotary Club of Las Cruces with a hearty ringing of the bell at 12:13 pm followed by the invocation read by Kristi Granados.  Kristi shared a prayer of peace by Maya Angelou.  Christopher led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States. Since Jim Maxon could not find a “dam” song, he led us in “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”   A lively meet and greet followed.  It was great to see so many people at the meeting that we couldn’t get to everyone in the time allotted.

Ted Shelton’s guest was Terry McGinnity from Good Samaritan Village. Jim Maxon brought Bill Harrison and introduced visiting Rotarians Sunny Kellerman from the Silver City club and Ronnie Wright, President of the Rio Grande club.  We were also happy to have Diane Indorf, also from the Rio Grande Club.  Fran Boldt introduced her friend and fellow pianist, Laurie Norman, who will substitute for Fran on occasion.  Elaine Szalay introduced Silvia Avila and Bobby Rankin introduced his daughter, Trina Davis.  Our Mayfield High School student was Kevin Brooks.

President Dulany introduced Andrea Tawney and Tina Byford from the NMSU Foundation.  They explained the huge impact and lasting legacy that our contribution to the University Foundation on behalf of the Alec Hood Fund will have on the Engineering students at NMSU.

Steve Loman introduced Lt. Enrique Salas from the Mesilla Marshal’s Office.  Lt. Salas passed around one of the clipboards purchased by our Foundation which assist in not only providing a hard writing surface but another way to protect the lives of our law enforcement officers in the field.

So many HAPPY $$s followed that I will try to be brief:  Les Smith (34 to 28); Kristi Granados (Go Patriots!); Jim Maxon (Grandpa again); Fran Boldt (Happy Laurie Norman is here); Lya Jordan (Home again!); John Pickett (Rotaract interacting with Interact); Daniel Payne (Family and Snow); Patty Groth (Thank goodness Lt. Salas isn’t here for her!); AND John  Hernandez was mighty glad to be with us.  Thank you everyone for sharing your Happy Bucks!

Ronnie Wright gave us an update on the area Rotary Youth Exchange program.  We will not be sending anyone but we are in need of host families at the district level.  She also reminded us about Sue Gerber’s presentation at the Tuesday meeting, February 21.

The Program

We were blessed to have Leah Tookey, Curator of History at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, speak to us about the Elephant Butte Dam: Building a Future for Agriculture photo exhibit currently on display in the Museum’s North Corridor.  The exhibit tells the story of what brought about the dam, how it was built, and what it provided to southern New Mexico.  Dozens of historical photographs are part of the exhibit, as well as maps and information panels.  Leah shared many photos and historical anecdotes with us.  The exhibit also provides lots of information on all things related to the 1900 miles of the Rio Grande River.  One particular photo of interest to this writer is the photo of the derricks used to transport equipment and people across the span.  The museum and exhibit are open Monday through Saturday (9am-5pm) and Sunday (12-5pm).

After the Program

Raffle ticket #494 was picked from the basket, held by Leah Tookey, our speaker.  She pulled a 3 of clubs from the diminishing deck.  So the pot grows.

The meeting closed with the 4-Way Test.

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