2017-02-22, Werner & Noreen Lehmann, Las Cruces Sister Cities

President-Elect Lya Jordan called the meeting to order at 12:10.  Kristi Granados gave the invocation and Lya led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Jim Maxon chose a season appropriate song, “When the Saints Go Marching In” and we made up words to extra verses in support of the Aggies! 

Our guests included District Governor, David Anderson (pictured right); Picacho Middle School Principal, Fred Montalvo; Crosstown representative, Taylene Jacko; Elaine Szalay’s guest, Silvia Avila; Bobby Rankin’s son-in-law, Bruce Davis; Ted Shelton’s guest, Terry McGinnity; and our Mayfield High School Student Guest, Kevin Brooks. 

Principal Montalvo gave an update on the Interact Club at Picacho Middle School and their various projects.  He was especially proud of the students and advisors for the large donations of clothing to 60 kids at Christmas that would have otherwise gone without.

District Governor Anderson was here to promote the District Conference in Albuquerque this May as well as celebrating 30 years of women in Rotary.  The rate for the conference is $199 until March.  The price will then increase to $249.

Kevin Brooks gave a fabulous speech about his experience at the meetings, who his motivators have been in life and his plans for the future.  Thank you Kevin!

Bill Harty presented a multiple Paul Harris pin to Steve Loman.  Congratulations!!!!

Announcements:  Barry Fisher-Youth Talent Show needs sponsors AND Potluck at Barry and Andrea’s house on March 18 at 6:00 pm.  Ted Shelton reminded us of the March 2 event “Uppity Women of Texas History” present by Club Rotario Juarez Campestre at Whole Foods El Paso Community Room at 6:00 pm.  Cost is $12 per person.  Jim Maxon gave an overview of Sue Gerber’s Polio Update yesterday.  Sue is a representative of the Gates Foundation.

Happy Dollars:  Steve Loman was happy for 50 years of marriage so he doubled the amount and gave $100 to our foundation for our law enforcement clipboard project.  John Hernandez is mighty glad to be here!  Jay Jordan is happy that our student of the month, Kevin Brooks, wants to be an engineer.  Fran Boldt is glad to be back and announced the Jardin de los Ninos Award Banquet on April 11 at the Farm and Ranch Museum.  AND Elaine Szalay was happy for such a great day!  It’s so good to see Elaine back regularly at the meetings.

The Program

Our program this week was presented by Las Cruces Sister Cities Foundation’s Werner and Noreen Lehmann. Noreen is the President of the Foundation and Werner is the Neinburg Affiliation Committee Chair.  As a member of Sister Cities International, this foundation has been officially sanctioned to carry out the widest possible diversity of activities.  Las Cruces has two Sister Cities Affiliations:  Lerdo, Mexico since 1982 (formalized in 1989) and Neinburg, Germany since 1993 (formalized in 1995).  At one time, the program had a budget with the City of Las Cruces but that budget has been reduced to cover the membership dues to the Sister Cities International and the rental fee for the annual meeting facility.  The foundation is now mostly privately funded.

In 2016, Lerdo, Mexico sent a delegation to Las Cruces.  Students were hosted in homes and learned a lot about our culture.  Guidad Lerdo is a small city in the northeastern portion of the Mexican state of Durango and has a population of about 140,000. 

In 2016, Las Cruces sent a delegation of 16 students, the principal and one teacher from Centennial High School to Neinburg, Germany.  Again this year 12 students and their advisors are traveling to Neinburg.  These students are from Arrowhead High School.  The NMSU Choir also visited Neinburg in 2016. Neinburg is located in the northern part of Germany near Hanover.  The city has a population of about 32,000.  According to Werner, they actually have water in their river!  One little known factiod – Germans have a big party before lent.  The part actually starts back on November 11 at 11:00 and continues until the culmination just prior to Ash Wednesday.  Also, Neinburg is the asparagus town of Germany.  Interesting!

More information can be found in the brochures left by Werner and Noreen.  Thanks so much!

After the Program

The raffle ticket pot has risen to the maximum of $500.  Mary Ellen McKay (who also has gone on a Sister City Exchange) held the winning ticket (#639).  She did not feel lucky today so she had Blaine Goss try to pull the joker.  Alas, he pulled the 8 of spades.

The meeting ended with the Four Way Test.

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