2017-03-08, Jerry Grandle, Spotted Dog Brewery, "Beer: History and Crafting of Various Brews"

President Christopher Dulany called the meeting to order.  Jim Maxon gave the invocation and, after the Pledge of Allegiance, led us in singing "America the Beautiful." 

Guests were introduced and there were many HAPPY DOLLARS!  Mary Ellen McKay is happy for our great place to live.  Daniel Payne is happy he is here and not missing his “WOK!”  (Ask Lya Jordan)  Richelle Ponder is just so happy that she had a UTEP joke for Jim Scott.  Kristi Granados is happy that the Las Cruces International Film Festival starts today.  Elaine Szalay was happy to see Wanda Mattiace at the meeting.

There were many announcements:  According to Christopher Dulany, there will be no “Sno”-board meeting on Thursday;  President-Elect Lya Jordan challenged everyone to match the $700 she and Jay have contributed to our foundation for the RYLA kids.  Cornell Menking announced the International Festival on April 8 at Pioneer Park; Barry reminded everyone of the fellowship opportunity at his house on March 18 at 6:00 pm (make sure to sign up on the sheet!).

We had the first reading for prospective member – Terry McGinnity.

The Program

Without too much ado, Steve Loman introduced Jerry Grandle, owner of the Spotted Dog Brewery.  There were so many interesting tidbits about the history, brewing and drinking of beer.  I’m not sure if he was joking, but according to Jerry, the earliest known form of beer was made by chewing corn and then spitting it into a jug for fermentation.  I assume only the maker drank it!

But Jerry believes that civilization was built on bread and beer.  For years it was thought that bread was the primary reason for humans settling down and growing grain but NO, it was brewing beer!  Even Plato (per Jerry) had thoughts on the matter:  “He was a wise man who invented beer.”  I don’t know about Plato but here’s Thomas Jefferson’s quote:  “Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.” 

Jerry is very knowledgeable regarding beer brewing.  Amongst other things, he informed us that beer fermentation takes about 3 days and then 1 week to 1 year for further “brewing”.  Ales take about 5-6 weeks to finish.  If you really want to try a plethora of beers, the Oregon Brewers Festival is one of the nation’s longest running craft beer festivals with over 80,000 craft beer lovers making the pilgrimage to Beervana to drink up what the festival has to offer.  You can sample over 3,000 different beers.

Jerry opened the Spotted Dog on September 19, 2014 with 2 employee and now has 22 employees.  The brewery is named after his dog.

After the Program

The raffle ticket pot has risen to the maximum of $500.  Patty Groth held the winning ticket but, alas, drew the 3 of diamonds.  The can will stay at $500 until the winning card is drawn.  The can will benefit our RYLA students for the next two months.  We collected $180 today.

The meeting ended with the Four Way Test.

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