2017-03-22, Club Assembly

Our meeting began with Jim Maxon’s invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Earl Phillips leading the singing of “I’m Looking Over a Four-Leafed Clover.”  President Christopher introduced guests and visitors, then we waved instead of meeting and greeting.

John Hernández got the happy dollars going, “happy to be here!”  Others came from Mary Ellen McKay, pleased with a surprise visit from stepdaughter Laura; Sue Groth, happy to find an article on Paul Comeau in the NMSU Pioneers newsletter; and Elaine Szalay, happy to see everyone.  Several people were happy to have been at the pot luck dinner hosted by Andrea Dresser and Barry Fisher; Barry was also thankful for all who attended.  Les Smith and Blaine Goss were happy about the Aggies (women and men) performance in the NCAA tournament.  Patty Groth was happy to find that a tale told by her father about the bedsheet bandit was true!  Jim Maxon noted that the district is working on a possible Friendship Exchange from Russia, but Russian speakers would be needed to translate. 

The Program

The program began with Fran Boldt’s classification talk.  She told of her Clovis upbringing among many railroaders, and her education at Northern Arizona, majoring in elementary education, with minors in music and psychology.  Her teaching career took her to Germany, then to Oregon, where she taught many years in the state’s reform schools.  Her Oregon experience included some harrowing experiences involving child survivors of a local cult.  She later taught music in a school for the blind.  She moved to New Mexico and home schooled a disabled child in Albuquerque, before coming to Las Cruces.  Here, she taught at the juvenile detention center before teaching in piano magnet programs at Sierra and Picacho Middle Schools.  She’s involved in several singing groups, Morningstar Methodist Church, and several local nonprofits. 

President-elect Lya Jordan started work on organizing the club and its committees for 2017-18.  She’d like to have three speakers each month with the fourth Wednesday reserved to give our students a little more time to speak; any fifth Wednesday will be a club assembly focused on club projects.  She urged members to be involved in several committees each, and invited members to take on committee leadership as co-chairs to lessen the individual workload.  She plans to have us participate in more joint projects with the other two local Rotary Clubs.  She’ll be looking for ideas at the Rotary District Conference in May. 

After the Program 

There were a couple of announcements about upcoming events including Many Serve, at the end of March, contact John Pickett for information.  Barry Fisher reminded us of the Mesilla Valley Rotary’s upcoming youth talent show.  President-elect Lya also mentioned the Tuesday club’s golf tournament in June.  The can collected $88 toward our additional RYLA sponsorship.  Lya also had ticket #9385, but did not get the $500 since she drew a seven.  The odds of someone winning will continue to get better, at least another week.  President Christopher closed the meeting by leading the 4-Way Test.

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Silvia Avila

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John Hernàndez

Matthew Scott (Nevada City, CA)

Jim Scott

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Leonor Soria

Paul Comeau

Kris Lundgaard (Slovakia)

John Pickett

Trina Davis

Bobby Rankin

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