2017-04-12, Donna O'Daniel, Support Your Local Police

President Christopher called the meeting to order at 12:12 PM.  Mary Ellen gave the invocation.  Pres. Christopher then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Daniel led us in singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”  There was no mystery greeter.  Rotarians without their pins were fined!  President Christopher asked Rotarians who brought guests to introduce them.  Richelle’s guest was her daughter Katelin who was a former member of our Club and who is moving back to Las Cruces.  Richelle started her introduction of Katelin with a corny joke aimed at Blaine Goss.  She ended her introduction with the announcement of the Taste of Las Cruces event on the 8th of June.  She was fined!  Other guests including the student guests were introduced politely.

Happy $$: Kristi – her daughter and son-in-law received promotions in the Navy;  Mary Ellen – glad she doesn’t have a United Airlines reservation; John H. – “mighty glad to be here!” Rynni – Las Cruces Sun New Open House is coming up; Fran – announced a fund raiser for helping dyslexic children; Patty – looking in the Rotary Post Office Box and was shocked to see her doppelgänger looking back at her while putting mail in the box; Cornell – for the superior Rotaract Club with an amazing level of professionalism; Barry – for the Rotaract club’s help with the fashion show; Christopher – glad we had a good basketball coach for one year – think of the losers we might have had (and might get!)  Jay – found the person who stole the Rotary bell and brought her to justice.  It was Lya.  She took the bell and the Rotary Banner to NMSU’s International Festival in Pioneer Park last Saturday.  Lya together with Nikki MacDonald and Richard Haas from the Rio Grande Club manned the Rotary table.

President Christopher announced the Board of Directors meeting at noon on Thursday, April 13,  at the “Old” Game.  He also elaborated on Richelle’s announcement of the “Taste of Las Cruces,”  The deadline for turning in Cruise Ticket stubs is next Wednesday (April 19).

The Program

Jay Jordan, program coordinator for April, introduced Donna O’Daniel, Chairman of the Las Cruces Support Your Local Police Committee.  Ms. O’Daniel grew up in the Tucson/Phoenix area and received her BA in Christian Education and Bible from the Omaha Baptist Bible College.  She served many years in administrative assistant positions including administrative assistant to some State Representatives in Austin, TX.  She enrolled in the graduate school at the University of Texas and earned an MA in Biological Sciences.  At age 42 she became a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and had posts in Alaska, Hawaii, Johnston Atoll, several other Pacific Islands, the Falkland Islands, Madagascar and Antarctica.  Before leaving Austin, she was active on the Austin Support Your Local Police Committee.  She retired in 2009 and moved to Las Cruces in May 2015.  Her presentation centered on the Las Cruces Support Your Local Police Committee.  She started by introducing her assistant Chuck Wendler, also a member of the Committee.  The Committee works to create a better understanding of the problems and threats our local police face every day and believes that our police have earned the respect and help of our fellow citizens.  The 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution leaves local law enforcement to the States and communities within the States.  The Committee stresses that local police, independent of central or federal control, better support the communities they are tasked to protect.  The Committee is dedicated to keeping local police local.  She described some of the Committees activities many of which are centered on education and instilling in youth respect and understanding of our community police.  The committee promotes and supports not-for-profit organizations that assist local police with things ranging from supplemental protective equipment to aid for children of fallen officers.  Ms. O’Daniel described a number of educational and promotional materials including pamphlets and DVD’s that aid the Committee and interested citizens in achieving the Committee’s goals and objectives.  President Christopher was given a set of these materials and has them available for anyone interested.

After the Program

Patty announced that we had raised another $94 for additional RYLA students.  The RYLA support fund is now at $1364 enough to support two additional students.  The pot is capped at $500 funds raised today go to the next pot.  Alex had the winning ticket, but did not draw the joker.  Pres. Christopher told another corny joke aimed at Blaine then led us in reciting the 4-Way Test.  Blaine seems to be attracting the attention of the jokesters by bringing his imaginary friends to the meeting.

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