2017-05-10, NM Senator Mary Kay Papen

The meeting began at 12:15 with President Christopher Dulany ringing the Rotary bell.  Jim Parks gave the invocation honoring mothers during the Mothers’ Day week.  Christopher led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Earl Phillips led the singing of “God Bless America.”

Guests were introduced.   Bobby Rankin brought his grandson John Davis and Elaine Szalay introduced Silvia Avila.  A. J. Harris, Boy Scout executive for three districts, was introduced by Bill Harty.  The Sergeant at Arms fined all former Boy or Girl Scouts.  In a turn-around, Katelin Ponder introduced her mother Richelle Ponder.  Wanda Mattiace welcomed her husband Bill to today’s meeting.  Visiting Rotarians present were Patricia and Rico Ramirez from Concord, CA, who were here around this time last year.

Happy Dollars and Announcements

Jim Scott brought a book NEW MEXICO TREASURES published by the L.C. Sun News which he wanted all to see.  “I’m happy they did it,” he said.  John Hernandez:  “I’m just mighty glad to be here today.”  Lya Jordan has returned from the district conference in Albuquerque and brings back the good news that out club received the Best Website Award.  Lya said Bill Harty is doing a fantastic job.  Bill gave the date of May 25 at the Farm and Ranch to honor “a good scout” Charley Johnson.  Check with Bill about details.  Barry Fisher was in New York for a week but it took twice that time to “catch up” when he got home. 

John Pickett told of honoring about 50 teachers and staff at Picacho Middle School by providing them with lunch.  The Interact club served the food.  Daniel Payne and Sue Groth were among those greeting the honorees.  John also asked for assistance for about two hour for the Great Day of Service on May 31.  Daniel said that First American Bank was selected as the new investment manager for the Western New Mexico University Foundation.  Patty Groth reported that the cruise raffle was won by a Silver City resident.  The board of this club will meet Thursday at The Game at noon.

The Program

Steve Loman introduced Mary Kay Papen as a remarkable businesswoman and a remarkable human being.  She is a native of El Paso and has been a New Mexico State Senator since 2001 and is now leader of the NM Senate.  Mary Kay gave a legislative update.  She praised the legislature as remarkable and usually bipartisan.  The problem this year, she says, has been the veto of bills by the governor.  A lawsuit against the governor about the vetoes has been started and she feels this suit will be won.  The vetoes has “eliminated the legislature”.  “We will see where this will go.”

John Davis asked Mary Kay about the reasons for budget cuts. She replied that they are trying to balance the budget, and that they do not have the oil and gas revenues or previous years but that those revenues are coming up.  Barry asked about the recreational use of marijuana.  Mary Kay said she voted against it because she need to know more about the “down side expenses”.  Charles Townley, describing himself as a “recovering dean” commented on the permanent fund.  The court system funding was discussed, and Ted Shelton said the courts are “underfunded every year”.

The governor has called a special session for May 24.  In a special session, the governor sets the agenda; in an extraordinary session, the legislative sets the agenda.  The governor does not want to raise taxes.  Mary Kay said the sweeping of other funds is being done.

John Davis asked about the effect of closing the Mexican border.  Bill Mattiace said 14,000 jobs in NM  depend on the border.

Elaine thanked Mary Kay for her service.

After the Program

Patty gave the can report which was $144 for the Interact club.  Katelin drew the winning ticket for the lottery but did not pick the joker.  IT’S GETTING CLOSE NOW.

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