2017-05-17, Lon Constantini, Adventure with Consequences

The president, Christopher Dulany, called the meeting to order at 12:08.  Bob Seaton provided the prayer.  The club gave the Pledge of Allegiance.  Blaine Goss led the song “Camptown Races.”

The mystery greeter for the Meet and Greet was Lon Constantini. 

Dave Anderson, Rotary District Governor, was introduced.  He said that this was his last official visit to this club.  We hope he will visit us again unofficially.  Bobby Rankin introduced his daughter Amy Pickett.  (We are lucky to be having a chance to meet several members of the Rankin family.)  Isobel Hernandez was introduced by husband John who said he was very happy to be here. 

Happy Dollars and Announcements

Les Smith gave $6 in honor of the last of his grandchildren’s graduation from high school.

Jay and Lya are going to New York for a grandson’s graduation—the grandson will be going to St. John’s in Queens.  Steve Loman has two grandchildren who will be going to NMSU this fall.  Carolina Zamora is going on vacation in Las Vegas!  Bob’s son graduated from UNM.  Patty Groth said she has recently seen the Comeaus and that there will be two issues of Spokes and Cogs next week because the printers forgot us this week.  Bill Harty will be gone next week, but he said he would let us know about a possible change in meeting rooms for the meeting in two weeks.  Patty reminded members that the Taste of Las Cruces committee can still use help and that Richelle Ponder has tickets.  This section of the meeting ended with some impossibly silly jokes.

Ted Shelton will not be here next week because he and Mary Lee will be in Saltillo, Mexico, for the annual Rotary District 4110 Conference which includes Mary Lee’s Club Rotario Juarez Campestre.  Most of Mary Lee’s fellow club members will attend.  International President John F. Germ is expected to attend, too.  Ted is impressed with how active the International Student Exchange is in Mexico.  “A good time will be had by all,” Ted says.

Special Presentation

Dave Anderson and Chris presented Lya Jordan (pictured right) with her fifth Paul Harris award which contains four stones.  Lya obviously is a member to be treasured.  Dave gave a “plug” for the foundation. 

The Program

Bob Seaton introduced Lon Constantini, a former member of this club.  Bob said it was fun to get to know more about Lon—there is much to learn about this man.  Lon joined the Army at 18 and at 19 he was a lieutenant in Viet Nam  where he made 61 parachutes jumps.  Among other things, he was a covert agent in the CIA and did counseling work with Morgan Stanley.  He was featured in TIME magazine in 1998 with his dog sledding.  He has made may hiking expeditions beginning in 1998.  Recently he spent a night in the Organ Mountains.  His pictures of the Organs are spectacularly beautiful , but very dramatic and rugged.   He discussed the fitness , the equipment, and the judgment needed to do such a climb.  The “needle” of the Organ Mountains is also called the Hummingbird or the Rabbit Ears.  The east side of the needle is very green.  He told of dangers such as “a staircase without stairs” and “things happen going down”.  Adventures are demanding and must have consequences, and he has used this idea as a business model.  He urged his listeners to pursue their adventures. His message included clues on how to prepare for these adventures. This is the 14th time he has spoken to this club, and we thank him.

After the Program

Rynni Henderson was presented with her blue badge.  The comment was made that both Rynni and Wendy Clarke have earned their blue badges in record time.  The first reading for perspective membership was given for Katelin Ponder and Greg Cory.  $105 was raised for the Interact club.

The tension was high for the lottery drawing.  Christopher won the chance to draw but did not draw the joker.  My prediction is that this coming week is the time for someone to win the $500.

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