2017-05-24, Debra Taylor, Turning Point

President Christopher opened the meeting and introduced Bob Seaton who gave the invocation.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and Blaine led the song “Tiny Bubbles.”

Visiting Rotarian Phil Benson was introduced along with guests Trina Davis (Bob Rankin), Wael Borham (Cornell Menking), Kelly Kennedy (Sherry Franzoy), and Katelin Ponder (Richelle Ponder).

Happy Dollars and Announcements

Mary Ellen McKay bragged on her granddaughter who has recently graduated from Texas A&M and who has both a job and a boyfriend.  Charles Townley has been taking fire academy classes and has passed!  John Pickett reminded members he would like help from Rotary and Crosstown for the “May I Serve Day” coming up on May 31.  The group will provide service by cleaning the St. Genevieve’s cemetery.  Workers will meet at the Mesilla Plaza at 2:30 that afternoon.  Patty Groth said she had fined Stan Turner at Insta-Copy $1 for forgetting to print last week’s Spokes and Cogs.  Stan paid the fine.

John Hernández greeted the membership in his usual fashion.  Richelle reminded everyone of the upcoming Taste of Las Cruces.  Tickets are still available from Patty.  The date is June 8 and the music will be provided by “The Two of Us.”

The Program

Bob Seaton introduced Debra Taylor, administrator in charge of Turning Point, who was accompanied by Bella Salazar who was a Student Rotarian four years ago.  Bob said he is familiar with this program and thinks it is a good one.  Turning Point is a non-profit whose goal is to help women in need.  Turning Point was opened in 2010 and has had about 3,000 clients in that time.  They provide education, prenatal care, and guide clients to doctors as needed.  Most of the women are between 18 and 26 years of age and in their first pregnancy.  If necessary they are provided with pregnancy tests and ultrasound.  Debra said that 50% of pregnancies are unplanned.  She told one story about a couple who came for help who were homeless.  Answering a question about contraceptives, she said that they can recommend speaking to a doctor or to people at the health department.

Education is one of the important aspects of the program.  Fathers are not forgotten.  The father has a voice in the process.  Many of the men have never even held a baby and are afraid of even that much responsibility.  “Conscious fathering” is a program of working with the father to decrease his stress level and to teach him how to learn to read his own body/emotions.  One hope is that there will be less child abuse.  The organization can also guide toward getting state assistance if needed and refer the mother for legal help if the father does not live up to financial responsibility.

They have several fundraisers and a boutique.  Clients can earn credits toward shopping the boutique as they learn.  In a No Child Left Behind fundraiser, 22,000 diapers were gained. 

A drawing was held for the book ON FIRE which Debra donated.  Sherry won the book.  Debra thanked Bob for the chance to speak about Turning Point.

After the Program

Patty gave the money report:  $67 for the Picacho Interact Club

Barry Fisher won the chance to draw a card from the lottery cards.  He did not draw one of the two aces.  It can’t be long now until someone wins the $500!

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