2017-05-31, U S Border Patrol

President-elect Lya Jordan rang the opening bell at 12:10.  She thanked substitute musicians Patty Groth and Sue Groth for the music preceding the meeting.  Bob Seaton provided the invocation, the Pledge was given, and Blaine led the song “Red Roses for a Blue Lady”.  Guests were introduced.

Greg Cory was inducted into membership by Lya and Greg’s sponsor Bob Seaton.  The first reading for Katelin Ponder was given.

Happy DollarsAnnouncements

Mary Ellen McKay appears to have everything going for her.  She is now a great-grandmother.

Lya and Jay Jordan are back from their trip to New York for their grandson’s graduation.  Ted Shelton reported on his trip to Saltillo, Mexico, where among other activities, he visited with the international president of Rotary.  John Hernandez was glad to be present.  Richelle Ponder gave a reminder about the Taste of Las Cruces tickets for the soon-to-be event on June 8.  She also said the Crosstown group is meeting today for the purpose of helping with the cleaning of the St. Genevieve cemetery.

The Program

Bob introduced Lorena Apodaca and Victor Alvidrez, Border Patrol agents, who provided a very informative program.  Lorena has been an agent for nine years assigned to this sector (20 sectors out of El Paso, 11 stations) and her home station is Deming.  The El Paso district includes all of New Mexico.  Victor is a liaison who works with the concerns of the community.  There is a total of 22,000 Border Patrol agents in the U.S.

Lorena talked about the kind of illegal activity they are looking for.  She said that everyone must be admitted through a border point of entry or it is a crime.  She advises a passport.  Since 9/11, laws have changed—not as concerned about people just coming in but concentration is on terrorists, cartels and criminal aliens.  “We don’t have a choice,” she said.

The Border Patrol works in different environments depending on where and how people enter illegally.  For example, coming across the river or mountain into El Paso means they must be caught quickly because they can hide fast into the community.  If they come into a more rural area, they may be caught after a period of time.  Check point stations further into the country are on I-10, I-25, and 185.  The BP can investigate anything at these check points.  They want people who have crossed in the last 14 days.  (ICE takes over from there.)

Much more information was given, including how smugglers often take advantage of the people they are bringing in, how blimps are used, and rescue beacons.

Thank you, Lorena and Victor.

After the Program

Patty said that $85 was raised for the interact club.  Greg Fant had the ticket which allowed him to draw from the last 10 cards for the lottery.  No luck!

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