2017-06-28, Davidson Scholarship Presentation & Induction of New Club Officers

President Christopher called the meeting to order at 12:13 pm. Steve Loman offered the prayer reminding us of service and gratefulness for fellowship. After the Pledge of Allegiance and anticipating the Fourth of July Holiday, Sue Groth joined forces with Fran Boldt in a rousing rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Considering the length of the program, a group wave greeted everyone. (Right: Freddy & Don Dresp)

It was announced that Howard Ness is recuperating from surgery and would like to have visitors. Lt. Governor Earl Greer got the Happy Dollars going. Patty Groth was happy to have an electrician coming to fix her appliances. Kristi Granados was happy and proud of her daughter, who serving as a sailor on the USS Shiloh found a shipmate who they thought was lost. Richelle Ponder continues to be happy for Casa de Peregrinos. President Christopher was extremely happy, the club survived the year without him cussing! He also praised the club’s resiliency. Guests were introduced prior to the program.

The Program

Bill Harty started the awards program with background information on the John and Virginia Davidson Scholarship Fund. Between this fund, a gift from the Davidson family, and club efforts, $12,000 was raised for Scholarships. Over the year we hosted 18 students, with 14 meeting all of the requirements to be considered for an award. One recipient was chosen from each high school by the scholarship committee. Bill thanked all seven committee members and invited the chair, Kristi Granados to introduce the recipients. Three of the four awardees were in attendance; Aretha Deng from Las Cruces High School, Olivia Weinbaum from Centennial High School, and Antonio Zamora from Oñate High School. Kristi read a short bio on each and presented them with their check.

Patty Groth and President Christopher continued the awards program by individually recognizing the current Board of Directors with a certificate and a thank you gift for their service.

Perfect attendance awards were given to: Fran Boldt, Patty Groth, Bill Harty, Jay Jordan, Lya Jordan, Alex Keatts, Mark Santiago, and recognizing 34 years of perfect attendance – Don Dresp!

Bill Harty shared background on the Paul Harris Fellows and asked all in the room who were a PHF to stand, 53 of our 62 members are Paul Harris Fellows. Lya Jordan was recognized as a five time Paul Harris Fellow – way to go Lya!!

Special recognition was given to Fran Boldt as pianist, John Pickett as Interact Advisor, & Cornell Menking as NMSU Rotaract Advisor. All chairs and committee members were recognized and thanked for their service including the Taste of Las Cruces committee and the Don’t Meth with Us committee. 

Before inviting Lt. Governor Greer to speak, Lya Jordan presented a special recognition to President Christopher for his leadership over the past year. In consistent style, President Christopher ended his comments with a dynamite joke.

Lt. Governor Earl Greer gave the club a Rotary Test – collectively the club knew most of the answers, although I believe Bill was answering very softly! Lt. Governor Greer reminded us that vocation is an important part of the five service areas and it is often overlooked. The 17-18 International Rotary theme is “Making a Difference.” He then inducted the Directors, Officers, and President. 


Lya Jordan


Kristi Granados




Bill Harty

Assistant secretary-treasurer

Patty Groth

Director (term ending 06/2018)

Jay Jordan

Director (term ending 06/2018)

Robert Seaton

Director (term ending 06/2018)

Cornell Menking

Director (term ending 06/2019)

Sue Groth

Director (term ending 06/2019)

Lyn Ames

Director (term ending 06/2019)

Daniel Payne

Director (term ending 06/2019)


Immediate past president

Christopher Dulany

Executive secretary

Patty Groth

After the Program

President Christopher gave special acknowledgment to Patty Groth, Bill Harty, and Lya Jordan. The drawing was especially exciting – our scholarship student from Oñate, Antonio Zamora, had the winning ticket to draw the joker and got it! $500 will be added to his scholarship. A great way to close the year. Lya closed the meeting with the 4-Way Test.

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Guests of Rotarians



Freddy Dresp

Don Dresp

Paul Weinbaum

Olivia Weinbaum

Lisa Weinbaum

Olivia Weinbaum

Sabrina Zamora

Antonio Zamora

Visiting Rotarians


Home Club

Harold "Chub" Foreman

Rio Grande

LG Earl Greer

Truth or Consequences

Student Guests



Aretha Deng

Las Cruces

Olivia Weinbaum


Antonio Zamora




Date Club




Rotarian Birthdays

Member Birthday
James M. Scott July 1
Bobby J. Rankin July 5
Lya Jordan July 12
Les Smith July 15
Steve Loman July 18

Wedding Anniversaries

Member Spouse Wedding Anniversary Years 
Mark Santiago Dawn July 2 34 years
William P. Harty Jr. Jennifer Munson July 16 29 years
Russell Allen Diana July 29 28 years

Club Anniversaries

Member Club Anniversary Tenure
Lya Jordan July 1 9 years
Barbara Nelson July 17 15 years

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