2017-07-12, Bill Harty, Pocket Change

President Lya Jordan called the meeting to order at 12:10. John Pickett gave the invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Daniel Payne led the members in singing “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Meet & Greet followed. We had four guests of Rotarians and one visiting Rotarian. Bryanna Ortega talked briefly about her Interact club.

Happy Bucks:

Jay Jordan kicked in a buck or two in honor of Lya’s birthday. John Hernandez was mighty glad to be here. Elaine Szalay donated to the can recognizing her brother’s birthday. Mary Ellen McKay paid the can to brag about her granddaughter going to the Junior Olympics in the Shot event. John Pickett was happy to have the Interact president and her family at the meeting. Finally, Barbara Nelson announced that her brother had a birthday.

The Program:  Bill Harty, Numismatist

Substituting for an absent speaker, Bill Harty gave a PowerPoint slide presentation on the history of American coinage. Many interesting facts about our U.S. coins were disclosed. The first U.S. mint was founded in 1792.  Coins were made out of precious metals until 1965 when coins were produced with composite metals.

Starting with one-cent coin, Bill told us that Lincoln was the first person to appear on a coin. Phrases such as “in God we trust,” the date of the coin and place of minting are stamped into the coins. Over time, our coins have been minted in Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point.

We all know the copper penny. In 1943 the penny was minted in steel. In 1974, the aluminum penny was circulated but “flopped” because it was too light in weight for coin vending machines. In 1939 the Jefferson nickel was minted. During the WWII years, the nickel came out in “war versions.” Memorial pennies in 2009 had four different back sides.

1946 the Roosevelt dime was issued into circulation.  It was smaller than the penny in size. The Washington quarter started out in 1932.  Later the backs of the quarter varied, particularly when we created quarters honoring our current 50 states in 1999-2008.

The Kennedy silver 50-cent piece was larger and heavier than the 25-cent coin.  In modern day circulation, it is not popular. However, a bi-centennial half-dollar followed. Today it is hard to get change at a store that contains half-dollar coins.  Banks keep these coins and you can get them there. The latest change in our coin system was the dollar coin.  It was smaller that the half-dollar. It was minted as gold colored coin.  It also paid tribute to our Native-American heritage, with unique stampings on the edge of the coin.

After the Program

Patty Groth announced that the “can” collected $140 for Lya’s project.  The pot for the card drawing game is valued at $307 (payable this time in coins). Lya’s Jordan’s red ticket was drawn. Her attempt to pull a joker from the deck failed.  Next week, we do it again. 

The meeting was closed with the 4-Way Test.

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