2017-07-19, Wylene Saunders, Gospel Rescue Mission

President Lya Jordan called the meeting to order at 12:10. Dinus Briggs gave the invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Daniel Payne led the members in singing “America, the Beautiful.” Meet & Greet followed. We had no guests of Rotarians and one visiting Rotarian. We had the newly installed Sgt of Arms fine for people wearing the color green.

Happy Bucks:

Gary Aschbacher announced that his daughter was pregnant. Steve Loman was happy to fine all the accountants in the room. Bill Harty stuffed the can in honor of his 29th wedding anniversary. Gary Esslinger was proud of his son’s recent accomplishments. Daniel Payne fed the can, acknowledging his kids’ birthdays.


Lya Jordan announced that she and Jay were hosting a potluck dinner party scheduled for August 24.  The Bi-District Conference will be held at the Farm & Ranch Museum this year.  Bill Harty announced some “musical-chairs” assignment of our current club officers. To wit, Ted Shelton will fill the one vacant spot as a Director.  Bob Seaton will serve as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. Kristi Granados asked for additional help on the RYLA committee.

The Program:  Wylene Saunders, Gospel Rescue Mission

Wylene is the Clothing Room Manager at the Gospel Rescue Mission.  The clothing room receives and distributes clothing and shoes to needy adults and children. Most of us realize that the Mission feeds and provides temporary housing to people living on the streets.  The Mission also provides clothing and other things that folks may need to survive.  They also run a Thrift Store.

Our speaker related a story in which a boy was given new shoes to replace the shredded sneakers he was wearing everyday. 600-700 kids will be given clothes in August alone. Some of the shoes are new, others are used.  All of them are better than what the kids have on when they show up at the Mission.

To continue her clothing/shoe ministry, Wylene needs not only more donations, she needs volunteers to be clerks in the clothing room. To this end, the Mission also encourages Girl Scouts to earn badges by helping at the Mission.

When asked about the biggest need for the Gospel Rescue Mission in the near future, she suggested that they need new buildings.  Worn out plumbing is an ongoing problem.  The walls and roofs of the buildings are wearing down as well.  They were able to add solar panels last year which is helping to reduce bills.

After the Program

Patty Groth announced that the “can” collected $55 for Lya’s project.  The pot for the card drawing game is valued at $327. John Pickett had the winning red ticket. But his “luck” ran out when he did not pull out a joker from the deck. Next week, we do it again. 

The meeting was closed with the 4-Way Test.

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