2017-08-30, Club Assembly

Ana Mangino worked the Rotary crowd at La Posta selling “lottery” tickets before the meeting started while Fran entertained us with various tunes including “Volare”.

President Lya was slow to call the meeting to order sometime around 12:13 pm.  Mary Ellen McKay gave the invocation.  Lya then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Daniel Payne led us in singing.  

Jeff Brown, former Las Cruces Rotary Club member, visited this week.  He is a sustaining Paul Harris fellow.  Cornell Menking brought one of his international students from Malawi.  President Lya allowed us to walk around to greet each other rather than just standing around (see last week’s Spokes and Cogs!).

Happy Bucks and Announcements:  President Lya read the thank you note sent to the club from Don and Freddy Dresp for the fun party the week before.  We all did have a great time!

Steve Loman announced that he presented 16 life saving clipboards to the Dona Ana Sheriff’s Office and 16 more will be presented to the City of Las Cruces police officers in the near future.  These clipboards were purchased by the Rotary Club through contributions to the foundation.

Remember next week La Posta will be closed to the public but will still host our meeting so please use the west door rather than the door on the east side.

Happy Dollar$ - Lya $5 for a “fantastic” party; Elaine Szalay very glad to be here!; Patty Groth – fun party buck and a silly buck for Rhynni; Charles Townley fought and won his first official fire in Cloudcroft;  Charlotte and Gary participated in a great choir practice; Ana Mangino’s bionic man is home and doing well; Blaine contributed happy dollars for the missing Dulany and added Christopher’s 3 legged dog joke; Bill Harty is grant happy and wants us to remember Aggie volleyball this weekend.  Jeff Brown was fined for something……can anyone remember?

President-Elect Kristi Granados enthusiastically inducted Gary and Charlotte Brockway with the assistance of their sponsor, Sherry Franzoy.  We are so happy that they have chosen our club to join.  They bring years of Rotary experience and new ideas from Oregon. 

The Program

Since this was the fifth meeting in August, we celebrated with a Club Assembly.  We made time to hear about what is happening within the Foundation and with club projects.

Here’s a few highlights to remember:

·         Bill Harty and John Pickett submitted an application for the Gannett Foundation grant.

·         Law Enforcement Clipboard project continues

·         Dress-a-Child coming up.  You can help one child or stay as long as you want.  Patty noted (with more than a little sarcasm) that we would be hard pressed to get anyone to help shop since we don’t have anyone in the club who likes to shop.

·         Middle School Dress-a-Child (we are trying to raise $10,000). 

·         Picacho Middle School Interact and other involvement with that school.  Through the efforts of the faculty, staff and Rotary involvement, the school has gone from an “F” school to a “C” school.  Lots of synergy is happening there.

·         John Pickett encouraged us to remember that many of our projects are all about building relationships between business, non-profit organization, churches and the community.  YOU NEVER KNOW, YOU MIGHT BE HELPING A FUTURE ROTARIAN!

After the Program

Sue Groth held the winning lottery ticket and drew an ACE!  Under the new drawing rules, she won $20 and we added $63 to the pot.

President Lya concluded the meeting by leading us in the 4-Way Test.  

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