2017-09-13, Patrick Lopez, EBID Hydrology and Information Technology

President Lya called the meeting to order at a quarter past noon. Steve Loman gave the invocation. President Lya then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. There was no song today as our pianist, Fran took a nasty fall and injured her leg. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Steve introduced our guest, the head of the Las Cruces Police Department Traffic Unit: Lt. Kiri Daines. Our Rotary Club presented the Traffic Unit of the Las Cruces Police Department 16 bulletproof Kevlar clipboards to provide face and neck protection to Officers in the field last Thursday, September 7. Lt. Daines thanked the club members for their generous support of the Las Cruces area law enforcement personnel. 

There were no visiting Rotarians this week. President Lya introduced our two high school student guests and had members introduce their guests. This was followed by a “meet and greet.” John Hernandez was the mystery greeter. Barry reminded us of the dinner at the Picacho Hills Country Club for our visitors from New Zealand next Wednesday (Sept. 20) evening. Patty read us a message from Fran letting us know she hopes to be back next week. A “get well” card is circulating for everyone to sign  Jim Parks presented the Las Cruces Sun News article regarding the clipboard project and generously agreed to pay Steve and President Lya’s fines. He encouraged all of us to continue to support this project.

Happy $$: John Hernandez was “just mighty glad to be here!”  Daniel was happy that the Aggies beat the disgusting Lobos;

Steve Loman told us of a woman he met last week.  Her family had just moved here from Houston where they lost everything in the flood caused by hurricane Harvey. He is leading an effort to collect some of the many items they need to get back on their feet. Please help if you can. President Lya gave the first reading for Dr. Jeff Brown, a past president of our Club who wishes to rejoin.

The Program

President Lya introduced Patrick Lopez, Hydrology and Information Technology Director for the Elephant Butte Irrigation District (EBID). He presented the EBID’s projects to capture storm water for irrigation use and return to the aquifer in areas most affected by the drought. In 2012, a storm event in Leasburg was measured for 11 hours. It yielded 81 million gallons of water. The water captured and distributed from 8 or 9 of these events a year could have a significant impact on drought impacted areas. 

Storm water captured and measured to date is: 2015 – 12 acre feet, 2016 – 563 acre feet, and 2017 (to date) 917 acre feet for a total of 1492 acre feet or 486 million gallons. For monitoring and controlling water from storm events and all of the other water monitoring and distribution control events in the Irrigation District, the District has setup 470 monitoring and control sites equipped with remote telemetry units (RTUs). The sites include, pump monitors, test wells, weather stations, channel flow monitors, gate control systems and a number of other functions. They allow remote reporting and control of a large portion of the Irrigation District. Future plans include instrumentation a significant portion of the 28 flood control dams in the District. Storm water capture and distribution will not solve the drought problem; however, it can significantly help severely stricken areas. After the presentation, there were a number of questions.

After the Program

Patty announced that donations to the can came to $46 for our Club’s “Dress a middle-schooler” project and $45 for the Clipboard project. Today’s presenter Patrick drew Patty’s ticket.  She did not get a joker, an ace or a face card thus avoiding a lengthy investigation. The current pot stays is at $500 and the next one will continue to grow. President Lya concluded the meeting by leading us in reciting the 4-Way Test.

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