2017-10-04, Alexa Doig, NMSU School of Nursing

At about 10 minutes past noon President Lya called the meeting to order.  President Elect Kristi gave an invocation appropriate to these troubled times.  The invocation was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Patty is listed as the “song leader” for the month of October, but forgot to check the schedule.  She was prepared to lead us in singing “Happy Birthday” to our Rotarians whose birthdays are in October.  President Lya wished each a very happy birthday.  Club anniversaries and wedding anniversaries for October were also recognized.  There were two visiting Rotarians from Marietta, Ohio.  They have visited several times last year.  Club Banners were exchanged.  Guests of Rotarians and high school student guests were introduced. 

Due to the busy agenda, there was no “meet and greet.”  There were, however, large of numbers of Happy Dollars:  Mary Ellen spent a wonderful three weeks with her family in Silverdale, WA; John Hernandez was “mighty glad to be here!”  Barry had a happy $5 for his family in Las Vegas all being OK; Patty gave a happy $ just for the fun of it.  Bobby Rankin put in a happy buck because he has his grandchildren here to help out for the winter.  Mel and Blaine also kicked in a couple.  John Pickett put in a few happy bucks to call our attention to the fliers on the table that outlined the “Clothe a CHILD” project, our Club’s service project for this year and a partnership with the Rio Grande and Mesilla Valley Rotary Clubs and the Crosstown community service group of Churches to expand the annual “Dress a Child” project to support mid-high students.  President Lya gave small oration in support of the project and paid a hefty fine!  Jim Scott was very concerned that this week’s Club newsletter was entitled El Ro-Toro instead of the Spokes & Cogs.  Club Historian Bill Harty was not present to answer the question, so it will be deferred until our next meeting.  Jim Parks put in a happy $ for Bill’s posting of a great NMSU soccer picture.

President Lya and President Elect Kristi inducted Dr. Jeff Brown as a “re-new” member.  Jeff was a member of our Club for over 21 years and served as president. 

The Program

Today’s program was an overview of NMSU’s School of Nursing in the College of Health and Social Sciences.  President Lya asked this month’s program coordinator Les Smith to introduce the program presenter Dr. Alexa Doig.  Dr. Doig is the new Director of NMSU’s School of Nursing.  She comes to NMSU after serving on the University of Utah College of Nursing faculty for over 10 years.  During that time, she was also a Clinical Nurse Researcher at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital in Salt Lake City.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from McGill University in 1992.  She then decided to pursue a career in nursing and earned her B.S. (Nursing) 1998, M.S. (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) 2001 and Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Utah.  Her research has centered on human factors and patient safety.  She has numerous research awards and publications. 

Her presentation included the highlights of one of NMSU’s premier programs.  The school offers Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates of Nursing and PhD’s.  There are over 300 students in the Bachelors programs.  The School has national exam pass rates of over 90% and has graduated 1492 nurses during the past ten years.  Detailed information concerning the NMSU School of Nursing is at http://schoolofnursing.nmsu.edu/ .  Dr. Doig was accompanied by four of her advanced level undergraduate students who are members of the School’s ambassador program.  Each of them told us of their progress in nursing and career aspirations.  After the presentation, there were a number of questions.

After the Program

Patty announced that donations to the can last week came to $185 and $82 this week for our Club’s “Clothe a CHILD” project.  Last week a donation of $500 was received for the Clipboard project.  Lyn Ames had the ticket and drew an ace.  He put the $20 for the ace toward the Club project.  The current pot stays at $500 and the next one will continue to grow.  President Lya concluded the meeting by leading us in reciting the 4-Way Test.

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