2017-11-01, Marci Dickerson, Revolution 120

President Lya Jordan called the meeting to order; Jim Parks provided the invocation; the pledge was given; and John Pickett led the group in singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in honor of the World Series.  November birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and club anniversaries were read and the group sang “Happy Birthday.”

Guests were introduced.  John Davis was with his grandfather Bobby Rankin.  Marci Dickerson and Sumer Rose-Nolan were here for the program.  Eva Perez, from LCHS, was welcomed.

Jeff Brown, a past-president returning to our club, was presented with his blue badge by Lya.  Welcome back, Jeff.

Lya called for announcements. 

  • An estimated 20-25 exchange students (inbound and outbound) will arrive for the weekend (11-30 to 12-4) for the RYE program.  Volunteers are needed for housing and transportation.  Each volunteer will take care of two students.  Let Lya know if you are willing to volunteer for this service. 
  • John Pickett announced that he is not asking for money!  But he is asking  for helpers to aid middle-schoolers who will be picking out clothes under the Clothe a Child Program.  The first date is December 7 at 5pm at Kohls and then at Old Navy on December 10.  John has worked very hard on this program and he will welcome your help.  People who have participated before with helping pick out clothes have said they enjoyed it. 
  • There will not be a meeting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 

Happy Dollars:  John Hernandez said he was happy to be here.  Jim Maxon is also happy to be here—after being in Cloudcroft where he went for several months because “his wife made him go”; he said he is retiring again on Friday.  Jim Scott and Gus Gandara discussed the number of trick-or-treaters each received.  Jim Parks is grateful that after two years he has been released by his doctor and is no longer using crutches, etc.  Bob Seaton attended his 65th high school reunion.

The Program

Rynni Henderson introduced speaker Marci Dickerson.  Sumer Rose-Nolen accompanied Marci.  Rynni and Sumer are board members of Revolution 120 which Marci began 6 or 7 months ago.  Marci explained that she has often on her own helped someone who had an immediate need.  She decided she wanted to do something on a bigger, organized scale—something outside the scope of what you might usually do.  She thinks of it as “Fairy Godmother” help.  She gave an example of raising $1300 (the amount from the funeral home had originally been larger) for the burial of a family who could not afford the full cost.  She would prefer to give “stuff” rather than money. 

A person may have only one “grant”.  There is no repeat.  The grant is for a short-term need—not for long term--”a little bit of breathing room”.  The most unusual part of the plan is a “pay it forward”.  Sometimes a person is required to help someone else even before their own need is answered.  She mentioned how Wanda Bowman has given credit for old furniture when new furniture is bought.  FYI received some furniture for the rooms where children meet with their parents.  Revolution 120 is a NM Corporation waiting for their 501(c)(3).  Marci said they are not competing against local charities.  The group is planning a “River Blast” fundraiser and some golf events.  What a novel program given with great enthusiasm.  Thank you, Marci, Sumer, and Rynni.

After the Program

Patty announced $97 had been collected for charity.  Alex Keatts’ ticket number earned him the right to pull a lottery card.  But, alas, it was not a paying card!  Whoever pulls a joker will receive $500 (or if it is a student, a $500 scholarship).  The meeting was closed with Lya leading the recitation of the 4-Way Test.

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