2017-11-08, Chris Jans, NM State Men's Basketball

The regular meeting of the Las Cruces Rotary was opened at 12.10 by Lya Jordan, president.  Steve Loman gave the invocation and John Pickett led the singing of “God Bless America”.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  The following guests were introduced:  Dan Jones from the Marietta, Ohio, club;  Bill Barker, guest of Jim Maxon;  Judy Jones, sister of Sue Groth;  David Medina, guest of Daniel Payne.  A visiting International Exchange Student Kyla Myers was present as were student guests Eva Perez and Jenisa Tilley.  Don Dresp was the mystery greeter for the Meet and Greet.

Happy Dollars and Announcements:  Jeff Brown said he was glad to see the Oñate student present as he is the parent of Oñate graduates.  Mary Ellen McKay reported that treatment at Mayo Clinic has provided amazing results for her husband Franklin.  Russell Allen “paid his way” for meetings he has missed.  Lya contributed because she did not participate in the M & G.  Barry Fisher commented on health issues relating to a misdiagnosis.  John Pickett thanked the club for its support for Clothe the Children and asked for shoppers on December 7 at 5. 

Lya presented Jim Maxon his 4-star stone Paul Harris pin.

Alex Keatts, former president of this club and a Rotary member since 1960, announced that he will be leaving Lac Cruces for New Braunfels, Texas, on November 29 to live closer to his family.  He is saddened to be leaving Las Cruces and his friends here.  Our best wishes go with you, Alex. 

The Program

Bill Harty introduced Chris Jans, the new basketball coach at NMSU who comes with experience from 11 schools as a student, an assistant coach or head coach.  Chris bragged that as an undergraduate of Loras College in Dubuque, IA, he broke 16 scoring records and two records for 3-point shooting.  He said that he accepted the NMSU position sight unseen—which he said is somewhat scary but that NMSU has a good reputation among basketball coaches. 

He discussed his relationship with Coach Lou Henson who is “like a god to me”, talking on the phone with Lou often.  Lou knows all the details about the team and will be able to see the Aggies play in January.  Chris talked about the ease of transferring, the need for new players, the difficulty in having 3 different coaches in a short time, and the need for leadership on the team.  He knows it is most important to local fans that the Aggies win the  Lobo and Miner games, both teams not in our conference.  Right now, the team is a “work in progress”.  Everyone is eager for Chris and the team to have a great basketball season.

After the Program

Patty Groth said that $1053 was raised today for Lya’s Clothe the Children project.  Lya gave a gracious thank you reply.  $1025 has been provided by members for aid to Hurricane Harvey relief.  Gary Aschbacher drew the lottery number but couldn’t pick a winning card.  Don’t give up, Gary.  The meeting closed with the 4-Way Test.

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