2017-11-15, Brooke Atkinson, NM State Women's Basketball

Lya Jordan, president, called the meeting to order at 12:05.  Jim Parks provided the invocation giving thanks for many blessings in this Thanksgiving season.  The Pledge was given.  With great solemnity, the group sang “Albuquerque, He’s My Turkey,” a tradition for the Rotary Club of Las Cruces.

Visiting Rotarians Wade Hough from Olympia, WA and Dan Jones were welcomed as were guests Stephen Scott (son of Jim Scott), Janet Loman (wife of Steve Loman), and Amanda Flack of Ruidoso (guest of Chris Dulany).  Student guests Eva Perez and Jenisa Tilley were visiting for the third time this month.  The Meet and Greet was quite successful as Lya had trouble getting the meeting back to order.

Happy Dollars and Announcements:  Elaine Szalay announced that her daughter Laura, a Rotarian in Miami, will be 50 on Friday.  Daniel Payne gave a remark that had something to do with the Albuquerque Turkey and Paul Weir, the Lobo coach.  Lya wished happy Thanksgiving to all.  Lya presented John Pickett a “big check” for the Crosstown project. Crosstown has raised a total of $11,000.  John thanked everyone for their help, mentioned that more kids will be helped than originally planned, and reminded us that he needs shoppers on December 7 at Kohls.  John said that “We did good”.  Lya said that the dinner for the exchange students will be December 2 for the students and sponsors at the Green Boulders clubhouse.

Lya presented a “Texas survival kit” to Alex Keatts who is moving to Texas at the end of this month.  We will miss you, Alex, and we hope you enjoy your new home and Rotary Club.

The Program

Bill Harty introduced speaker Brooke Atkinson, new head coach for the women’s basketball team, who has a BA from Wichita State and an MA from NMSU.  She played at Western Nebraska CC where she led her team in assists and steals.  Her coaching career started at NMSU as an 8 year assistant to Darin Spence.  Then there were 3 years at South Dakota and 3 years at Colorado State. 

Brooke introduced her guests Ryan McAdams, assistant coach, and Lisa Brown, administrative assistant who supports women’s basketball and volleyball.  Brook said that the best advice she has had as a coach is to “be yourself” and that it is important to relate to the kids.  The present team has been good during the transition.  She stressed that what they can control is energy, effort, and attitude.  In basketball, there is always a game coming up.  She mentioned those “lovely folks up north.  (Isn’t it strange that every Aggie coach comments on those Lobos?)  The non-conference games are also tough in the 3-tiered non-conference, conference, and conference tournament schedule. 

Questions from the audience were answered about individual players, the differences between men and women players, and recruiting.  In speaking of recruiting, she said that the internet has changed the process and lessened the need for recruiting trips.  Good luck to the Aggie Women’s Basketball team!  And have fun!

After the Program

Finally!!  Brooke Atkinson pulled a ticket from the lottery bucket.  Les Smith won the draw.  He then proceeded to pull the joker from the deck of cards.  THE JOKER!  Les is the winner of $500.  It is time to begin working on the next pot.  Patty Groth announced that $46 was raised today for Clothe the Children.  The meeting closed with the 4-Way Test.

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