2017-11-29, Club Assembly

Lya Jordan called the meeting to order at 12:05.  The Pledge was given; Jim Scott offered the invocation; and Earl Phillips gave background and led the singing of “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”. Guests were introduced. (right: Fran Boldt at the piano)

Happy Bucks/Announcements

Mary Ellen McKay was happy to have her brother and sister-in-law visiting from Missouri and happy she didn’t have to cook turkey or eat turkey.  John Hernandez said he was very happy to be here.  The Brockways went to LA and survived the traffic.  Gary Esslinger attended a game where his son played against Loyola.  He also announced that Patsy Esslinger, his mother, has her 90th birthday today.  Jeff Brown went to Houston over the holiday.  Lya and Jay Jordan went to both Dallas and the Tucson area to see their kids.  Bill Harty and Barry Fisher both commented on the good Aggie teams.  Lya asked for shoppers to help with Dress a Child on Dec. 3 and 7 at 5 at Kohl’s.  This coming Saturday is the potluck dinner for the exchange students at the Boulders on the Green clubhouse.  Also needed are programs for January. (below: NMSU student Alfredo Zendejas from Mexico)

Chris Dulany announced the names of 5 recipients of the Alec and Margaret Hood Scholarship each of whom received $4,500 engineering scholarships.  DeAnna Aguirre talked about the scholarship and how it will benefit her.  It was noted that there are two previous Deans of Engineering from NMSU in this club:  John Hernandez and Jay Jordan.  Naturally, each was fined.  Andrea Tawney from NMSU talked about Giving Tuesday and the matching funds we received last year by consolidating out Alec and Margaret Hood/Rotary Club funds.

Students Eva Perez and Jenisa Tilley gave their speeches.  They have been working on a Giving Tree project to help others during the Christmas season.  The project was financed by a $300 contribution from Les Smith from his club lottery winnings.  He also gave each $100.  What wonderful, enthusiastic young women who are becoming friends and learning more about service through their work together!

At the End of the Meeting

$92 was raised for expenses of the LCHS choir who will sing at the holiday party on December 14.  The “pot” is presently $437.  Mark Santiago won the draw and chose a face card.  He drew from the gift box and will receive $16 off of his next monthly bill.  The meeting was closed with the 4-Way Test.

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December 5

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December 21

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December 26

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December 7

29 years

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December 13

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December 27

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