2018-01-24: Charles Townley, Adventures in the South Pacific

President Lya Jordan opened our meeting at 12:12 pm. Ana Mangino did the invocation. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. John Pickett led us in singing “Zippadee dueh dah,” or something like that.  We had no meet & greet session. We had one visiting Rotarian, five guests of Rotarians, and two high school students.

Happy Bucks:  John Hernandez was glad to be here. Lya Jordan was happy that the Las Cruces Rotary Foundation was honored as one of the best. Bill Harty announced that Sysco Corporation will pay for all the overhead of the “Taste of Las Cruces” so that the revenue from ticket sales, etc. can go directly to the charities we support. Barry Fisher noted that his personal copy of Fire & Fury arrived and he is reading with passion. Jeff Brown was glad his brother-in-law had a successful medical treatment. Steve Loman didn’t have his badge on, so he happily paid a fine.

Announcements:  Proposed Slate of New 2018-19 Officers:

President Patty Groth
President-elect Daniel Payne
Secretary Bill Harty
Treasurer Lya Jordan
Asst. Secretary/Treasurer Bob Seaton
Immediate Past President Lya Jordan

The Program—Charles Townley: Travels to New Zealand

After being introduced by President Lya, Charles Townley showed us some slides of his recent trip.  Flying into Australia, Charles ended up in Brisbane.  The weather is similar to the weather in Georgia (USA). He was accompanied by his associate Victor Roberts.

They went to the Anzac Center in the center of the big city. The park was beautiful.  It contains a national park populated by many, many parrots.  There are 194 species of birds in the area.

Next, Charles & Victor moved to the north island of New Zealand.  They spent 18 days taking in the sites of many towns, villages, etc.  One place they visited contained a commercial movie set. Victor, taking pictures and enjoying the site, was careful not to disturb anything.  He was given a gift as he left for the courtesy he showed. They visited a geyser that was recommended by Lya and Jay Jordan.

In Wellington, Charles was able to meet a former NMSU student, who mentioned that there is “no summer here.” To escape the rain, they went to a modern museum.  Next they went to Aukland.  It is a huge city with 1.4 million people. The city is known for mountains, desert, snow, huge trout, and hot springs.

The Cook Islands were next. These islands are surrounded by coral reefs. Most of the islands are small. One, in particular, was 6x5 miles in dimensions. In the evenings, a party bus would serve nighttime frolickers back in forth from the party bars to their local homes.

“In this part of the world,” said Charles “there are three cultures: English, Maui, Aborigines.” He enjoyed them all.

After the Program

Patty Groth announced that the pot for the card drawing game was valued at $89. One of our high school guests, Brooke Salmon, held the winning red ticket. Brooke Salman pulled a joker, thus taking home $89. Next week, we do it again. 

The meeting was closed with the 4-Way Test.

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