2018-02-14, Barry Fisher, Rotary Friendship Exchange

At 12:11 p.m. Fran ‘Beloved’ Boldt ended her pre-meeting piano playing with You’re Breaking My Heart by Vic Damone when President Lya ‘Lovely’ Jordan hit the bell.  Kristi Granados led the invocation with a prayer for peace in this Rotary World Understanding Month.  "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" was led by our own Sweetheart, Jim Maxon.

Ted ‘Sweetie’ Shelton brought his sweetheart, Mary Lee, who is a member of the Juárez Campestre club; Dinus ‘Babe’ Briggs brought his baby daughter, Denise; and Centennial sent us Kaci ‘Honey Pie’ Hoer.  Welcome to all our visitors.

Les ‘Sugar Baby’ Smith announced the birth of his first great-grandchild, Finn Robert Stetson; Mary Ellen ‘Corker’ McKay told a corker of a Valentine joke and paid the price;

John ‘Darling’ Hernandez was again “Mighty Glad to be Here”; Patty ‘Pippen’ Groth had happy bucks for Happy Singles’ Awareness Day; Earl ‘Treasure’ Phillips was happy that the School Bond election passed; Mel ‘Precious’ Parish was happy his precious daughter was visiting; Jim ‘Deary’ Maxon was happy the Aggies (who are ranked above Les’ alma mater) won again; and Charles ‘Heartthrob’ Townley was happy that the NMSU Educational Leadership and Administration program is ranked seventh in the nation.


Since President Lya was suffering from short-term memory loss, John Pickett brought us more information regarding Soles $ Souls, a shoe ministry of Mesilla Park Community Church.  For more information go to s4s@getrealchurch.org.

The Program

If everyone attended a Rotary Exchange, there would be no wars.

Barry Fisher and his wife, Andrea Dresser, are both Rotarians who have been on a Rotary Friendship Exchange in India.  Other members of our club that were present this day have also gone on RFEs – Mary Lee, Ted, Charles and Jim. 

Barry, through stories and pictures, told us about their trips to India through this Rotary Friendship Exchange.  He reminded us that these kind of exchanges we “build goodwill and better friendships.” 

India is a country of many peoples and many castles and temples.  We saw pictures of the temples at Bhopal, Bosphul, Sanchi, Rajasthan and castles in Mandu, Agra, and Nagda.  We also saw many unusual caves.  Of course, the most famous structure in India is the Taj Mahal, famous for its symmetry not only in the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan but also in the grounds surrounding and making up the entire Taj.  The local white marble used in building the tomb is enlayed with semi-precious stones.  The view is breath-taking.

Their hosts took Barry and Andrea to many cultural events and employment areas.  They also showed them the Helen Keller School for the Blind, which is supported by the local Rotary club. 

Later, Barry and Andrea returned to India to attend the wedding of their host’s daughter.  Lots of color and dancing for three days.  Day 1 – Bride’s place; Day 2 – Groom’s place; Day 3 – Actual wedding.  The pictures showed so much happiness.

Barry answered many questions after his presentation; most of which were about the culture in India.

Thanks to Barry for bringing Rotary Friendship Exchange to life for us.

After the Program

Jay Jordan had the winning ticket in the drawing but failed to pick the Joker.  He did win a $10 bill however, which he donated to the Soles 4 Souls project.  Can totals announced for the project were $200 from last week and $135 from today.

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