2018-03-07, Club Assembly/PETS

President Lya rang the bell about 15 minutes past noon and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Celebration of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day inspired Jim Maxon to tell an “Irish” joke followed by an Irish themed invocation.  Jim also led us in singing: “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean” and “When Irish Eyes are Smilin’.” President Lya introduced visiting Rotarian Tim Bish from Warren, Ohio.  Jim Maxon introduced our Mayfield High School student Genesis Tellez.  Mel Parish introduced our Oñate High School Student Roberto Sella-Gonzalez.  Since the threat of flu has diminished, President Lya allowed a short “meet and greet.”

There were numerous “Happy $$!”  Lyn Ames was happy that one of our student guests from Las Cruces High, Brooke Salmon shot the winning 3 pointer to put the LCHS girls’ team in the State quarter finals.  Mark was happy for the great success of “Cowboy Days” at the NM Farm and Ranch Heritage museum.  John Hernandez was just “mighty glad to be here!  Greg: NMSU basketball teams (men and women) are first in the WAC.  Daniel would be happy if Rachelle would go to Vegas for the tournament.  Charlotte also attended “Cowboy Days” and had a great time.  Jay was happy to remind everyone that St. Patrick is the patron saint of engineers!  Blaine should have been happy as he was accompanied by at least two imaginary friends!

President Lya announced that she will need past presidents to chair six meetings in May and June while she is basking in the sun on the beach in the Seychelles Islands.  Barry announced that the Las Cruces Film Festival starts today.  It was great last year and promises to be even better this year.  It starts at Cineport 10 Mesilla Valley Mall.  Kristi announced that there will also be an interesting Film Festival event 4 p.m. Saturday at the Rio Grande Theater.

The Program

Our scheduled program speaker was unable to make it, so President Lya called a Club Assembly and asked Patty and Daniel to give highlights of the Rotary Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) which they attended last week in Ruidoso.  Patty gave us the Polio Plus update.  There were a total of 22 cases in all of 2017 and only 3 so far this year.  It is hopeful that Polio will be completely eliminated by 2020. 

Another topic of great interest at PETS was membership.  Throughout the United States, Rotary membership is declining.  Emphasis is being placed on how to attract and retain younger, more diverse members.  Patty learned that half of the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) funds are returned to the District for projects and that we have a good chance at writing grants for some of these funds.  Daniel obtained a page of Rotary acronyms and will be able to train us when his term is President Elect starts in July.  He also visited with two of the clubs that had an increase in membership.  Apparently the key is a plan and strategy of targeted recruiting.  Sue let it slip that the PETS was held at the Inn of the Mountain Gods and that most of the 250+ Rotarians behaved fairly well.

After the Program

President Lya announced that the Board of Directors meeting will be Thursday March 15th at the Game on Espina.  All Rotarians are invited to attend.  Patty announced that the “can” under the expert guidance of Sergeant-at-arms Christopher collected $51 for our “soles 4 souls” project.  The pot is up to $88.  Richelle had the winning ticket for the second week in a row.  Even with the assistance of her extraordinary ESP, she did not pull the joker.  However, she did get another Caliche’s gift certificate!  The pot will continue to grow.  President Lya closed the meeting with the 4-Way Test.

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